Things before opting for Facelift Surgery

Want to get Facelift surgery? Take a Look at these Things before opting for Facelift Surgery

Things before opting for Facelift Surgery

People tend to lose their charm due to aging, stress, surroundings, etc. Their face starts showing things like wrinkles, dullness, fine lines, etc. This lets them lose their confidence. But this problem can be solved with a Facelift Surgery in Vizag. Our doctors have the experience and expertise to help those who opt for such procedures.

Facelift surgery has worked wonders for many people. It is a part of Cosmetic Surgery in Vizag. It helps you boost your confidence and self-worth. 

There are some factors to be considered before opting for a facelift procedure. These things can affect your looks post-surgery. These things are:

  • Skin Elasticity: The skin on your face should be flexible enough to stretch the wrinkles during the surgery. Elastic skin also ensures better healing and significant results. 
  • Strong Bone Structure: You should have a better bone structure capable of supporting and contributing to better results. People can also opt for facial implants otherwise.
  • Realistic Expectations: People opting for this procedure should understand the limitations of facelift surgery. Your doctor can describe various things about these surgeries.
  • Health Conditions: People opting for these surgeries should be open about their health conditions. Facelift surgery is an invasive procedure that needs healing and recovery. 
  • Loose Skin: Patients sometimes want to get rid of the loose skin on the face and neck. Doctors either trim the skin from these parts or tighten the skin.

Preparations recommended by doctors to undergo before facelift surgery

  • Doctors will prescribe a diet that you should follow before this surgery. This also includes medications to be taken and avoided before the surgery.
  • You should avoid smoking for two or four weeks before this operation. Smoking interferes with your healing ability. You should avoid aspirin for a week or more.
  • Keep your hair long. They will hide your scars till they heal.
  • It is better to have a plan before this surgery. Planning will help in achieving better results and better recovery and healing.

Types of facelift surgeries

  • Complete Facelift: This involves the tightening of the entire face’s skin. A neck lift is also performed simultaneously to get both facial and neck results that match.
  • Upper Facelift: This procedure targets the upper face.
  • Lower face and neck lift: This procedure targets the lower part of the face. The doctor tightens the underlying skin and removes the excess skin.
  • Suture neck lift: The neck skin is reshaped for a more youthful contour without any skin removal. The physician may use the collagen strip made out of bovine tissue to suspend the sagging tissue. 
  • Lower face and neck: This procedure improves the sagging in the lower half of the face and neck.
  • Classic neck lift: This procedure focuses on the removal of excess skin from the neck region and bringing more sharp neck contour.

There are minimal side effects from this surgery. However, you should avoid the sun for several weeks. Scars will fade away in a considerable time. Results last for 10-15 years, depending upon various factors.

To get yourself a facelift surgery, come to Dr. VJ’s Clinic. Our expertise and precision will help you look the best version of yourself.