What are Main Causes of Hair Loss in Men and Women?

The basic outlook of humans has always been highly affected by the Hair. There are a lot of reasons why not all the people have as healthy hair as the others, but some of the reasons are listed below

  • Bad lifestyle: lack of exercise and junk food consumption had become the norm these days, but such a lifestyle has an adverse effect on your body in various forms one of them being, hair loss.
  • Diseases: there are a number of diseases like thyroid, hashimoto’s, Hodgkin’s etc…
  • Malnutrition: lack of proper diet also aggravates the problem of hair loss.
  • Stress: is also among the prime reasons for hair loss.

Such reasons cause baldness in males and females both. If we go by the means of the genetics we see that the problem of hair loss is mainly prevalent in Caucasian (European) and Australian aboriginal histories but when it comes to Asia and Africa this is rare. Baldness is problem that usually with age but with the changing times this problem is seen commonly in the 25-35 years of age group because of the changing lifestyles, adulteration in everything and basically an unhealthy environment.

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