Gynecomastia surgery

    Topmost benefits of following a post-care routine after Gynecomastia surgery

    Undergoing any type of surgery, the patient needs to follow a proper post-care routine. The same goes for the patient who has undergone Gynecomastia surgery. The best surgeon will give his best to address the problem. But what they cannot control is ‘how the patient will take care of them after the surgery.’

    This article will help you get a proper understanding of following a proper post-care routine.

    • Wearing the compression garmentThe use of a compression garment is an important part of the surgery. Following surgery, tissue and skin will shrink and settle during recovery but it might be done in the right way. The compression garment will help the body to adjust and also control the swelling. It will also provide support and facilitate skin retraction. For the best possible results, wear the compression vest for 4 weeks.
    • Limit fluid intakeFollowing the gynecomastia, the fluid intake will not help the healing process. However, excess intake of fluid will increase the seroma formation chances. The watery fluid gets developed in the chest and it can resolve its own. So, make sure you follow the surgeon guidelines to avoid the complications.
    • Getting back to Daily activitiesFollowing surgery, the body gets into a state of trauma. You must limit the activities for a certain period as it will also reduce the chances of injury and other complications. Here’s what you need to do:

      – Get back to a normal working routine within 2 to 3 days.

      – For one week, avoid strenuous activity.

      – After 2 weeks, increase lower body activity and cardio.

      – After 4 weeks, you can do chest workout or upper body workout.

    • Massage the treated areaDuring the recovery period, the tissue and skin are soft & malleable. So, the patient needs to massage the treated area with a roller device or hands. This way the results of the surgery will be the best. After 3 weeks, you should massage the area several times for 20 minutes and if you want you can do this for 8 weeks. This way the can tissue will get soft and skin will be nice & even.
    • Maintain the right postureThe most important factor is the mental recovery after the surgery which is linked with having the right posture. The men undergo the surgery to deal with the gyno hunch which makes them feel embarrassed, humiliated, and affect their self-esteem.

      After the surgery, they maintain a tall & strong posture which helps to increase their self-confidence.

    So, investing your time and effort in the surgery is beneficial for the patient in every manner. If you have any doubt then make sure to consult the surgeon right away.

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