Several Aspects Regarding Breast Augmentation For a Body Builder or Those With a Low BMI

Any woman with a low breast volume would wish to add to the volume and the option is breast augmentation. However, it may be difficult to add a certain amount of volume on a woman who is already thin (with a low BMI) or one who is a bodybuilder.

Ideally, in case you fall into any of these categories, here are the facts you need to consider before the procedure;

Do I Have Enough Time For Recovery?

If at all you are a sports person or a bodybuilder, you will have to evaluate your schedule to ascertain the amount of time you have outside the field or gym. On the other hand, a working woman will have to evaluate the amount of time she can obtain as her leave from work for her recovery.

In the same way, sports activities like running, weight lifting, among others, require a longer recovery period, which can stretch for weeks or months.

You should certainly get the surgery done during a period where you are more certain of no interruptions.

Will My Breast Augmentation Results Offer A Natural Appearance? 

This is certainly a major concern that you must seriously discuss with the surgeon. To throw more light, there are several factors that determine the type of breast augmentation results you get. These include;

  • The distance between your nipples
  • The type and size of the breast implant
  • The current volume of your breasts and skin
  • The torso length and girth
  • Other physique proportions

The surgeon may choose to conduct fat transfer alongside breast augmentation with the implants.

What Breast Implant Shape Will Best Suit Me?

Some women who are genetically thin may love to add to their breast volume, but it all goes down to the shape and size of the implant you desire. This also applies to the bodybuilders.

Depending on your goals, specifically regarding the cleavage, shape, and size, you will have to have a discussion with the surgeon.

At times, round implants are preferred because they limit rotation risks and also offer an upper pole cleavage that is most desired by women. In the same way, the surgeon’s experience and strategies will help you obtain desirable surgical outcomes.

Body Posture & Balance After Breast Augmentation

It is vital to consider this aspect in order to avoid having a botched surgery that may require a surgeon to undo it. Consider your capacity of carrying out your normal activities after breast augmentation. This is in addition to whether you can sleep, run, walk, bend, eat, shower, and enjoy your life or not.

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