Difference Between Mega Session and Giga Session

Mega Session VS Giga Session; Advantages and Disadvantages

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    Mega Session VS Giga Session; Advantages and Disadvantages

    If you take a closer and deeper considerations of hair transplant as a patient, you may totally fall into a dilemma. That’s why it is best that a renowned surgeon is consulted to explain to you the shallows and the depth of hair transplant. Decisions towards hair transplant are not only towards the type of technique to be used and the extent of baldness or the number of hair follicles necessary, but the type of session/s to take on.

    A Mega session or a Giga session can be considered in case of;

    • Extraction of more than 3000 hair follicles

    • Extreme baldness

    • The person has never undergone a hair transplant procedure

    • Best way of achieving the intended results

    • The patient can afford the sessions

    What is a Mega Session?

    A Mega session can be explained as a hair transplant in which more than 3500 hair follicles are to be extracted from the body and the scalp. Normally, it is advisable that a patient gets different sessions since it is a complicated hair transplant procedure. Follicular Unit Extraction is the hair transplant technique used

    Advantages of a Mega Session

    • More hair follicles are obtained

    • Easiest way of achieving the desired density

    • Eliminates the need for a transplant surgery in the future

    Is it right for a Mega Session to be performed in a single session or sitting?

    Ideally, that wouldn’t be the best decision, but it depends on the number of hair follicles to be extracted and implanted. Cases where the procedure is selected for the extraction and implantation of 2200 hair follicles that would be okay. Be sure to get the plan of the procedure before the hair transplant in India

    Disadvantages of having a Mega session in a single sitting

    • More strain is imposed on the scalp

    • A patient will absolutely become tired

    • Poor results since the surgeon and his technicians will also become tired

    • Botched results

    What is a Giga Session?

    There isn’t any big difference between Mega and Giga session. Giga session is a type of hair transplant where the Follicular Unit Extraction technique and the Follicular Unit Transplantation technique are used to harvest hair follicles.

    Advantages of a Giga session

    • More hair follicles are attained in a short while

    • It gives the surgeon an opportunity of exploiting different donor areas

    • More hair follicles (4000-5100) can be acquired

    • Eliminates the need for a hair transplant in the future

    • Greater density and a fuller head

    Can a Mega session be performed in a single sitting?

    Extracting hair is possible in a single sitting, but the surgeon has to automatically schedule another sitting to implant the hair follicles in the best way possible. Implanting the hair follicles within a single procedure will result in;

    • Poor implantation

    • Botched results

    • The incisions may be poorly dug

    • You might get unnatural results

    All in all, the surgeon and his technicians have to carefully extract hair follicles in both the procedures and as well implant them. A good plan has to be drawn and clearly followed to achieve the best results