Medication for Lip Surgery

    Lip Augmentation: Medication for Lip Surgery

    In these days, many people prefer surgery in any piece of the world yet nowadays Lip Correction Surgery in Visakhapatnam is the most well known because they have an expansive number of masters. In these days, everyone wants to look adorable but every person has different features from others.However, others complain about large lips. Some people feel terrible that numerous individuals

    People Who Are Eligible for surgery-:

    Individuals who have normally huge or short lips just they are permitted to decrease since it has reactions as well. In addition, the patient ought to be healthy and non-smoking since it is destructive to day by day smokers.

    About Surgery-:

    Surgery takes nearly 2-3 hours since it is finished by a surgeon at his clinic or in hospital. Overabundance fat and tissues are expelled with the assistance of local or general anesthesia since it is the only effective way to do lip reduction. When the surgeon completes his work, then the closing of the incision is done by stitches. Surgery can be done on both lips according to size.

    Side effects of Surgery-:

    A Patient does not have any genuine hazard after surgery but he may experience from less pain, swelling, and redness around the lip area but luckily it will fade out in a few days after treatment. Another problem that a patient may face is scaring around a lip area.

    Guidelines after treatment-:

    Sometimes, a patient may feel panic due to little pain and swelling. Likewise, the patient may feel difficulty in eating food. In this case, the doctor recommends avoiding tomatoes and oranges because these are rich in acids. The patient should start these foods in a few days after treatment but not immediately.

    How Much Time it will Take to Recovery-:

    The doctor allowed a patient to go home within 2 hours after treatment but it will take 3-4 months to recover. Furthermore, some people start working again in a week.

    Are There Any Alternatives to surgery?

    Many natural things are helpful in the reduction of lips such as herbs. Similarly, a person should drink plenty of water to get a natural and real shape to his lips. They should do some lips exercise regularly in order to reduce the size of large lips.

    Are the results of Treatment Permanent?

    Yes, the results of lip reduction are permanent because it helps a person to feel better with another look.

    Lip Surgery Cost-:

    The cost of lip reduction surgery may vary according to treatment whether both lips are treated or a single one. In “The United States of America” price for lip surgery is $1000 to $3500. In India, it may depend on specialists who are going to treat you but in general, the cost of lip reduction is rs.60000 to rs.200000. Nowadays, a patient can pay the fees of lip reduction in installments if cannot afford the full payment at a time.

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