Best time to color hair after hair transplant

    When is the ideal time to color my hair after the hair transplant procedure?

    No doubt, choosing to get hair transplant surgery is life-changing in several ways. The way it boosts your confidence, and self-esteem is the key reason that people prefer to get the Hair Transplant in Vizag. You know what getting the treatment on time is going to help you save your hair locks for your whole life. Additionally, the Hair Transplant Cost is extremely affordable and the total cost will depend on the requirement of hair grafts for your condition & considering all the other factors. One of the concerns which patients planning to get the hair transplant or who already have got it, think about, ‘When can I color my hair after hair transplant?’

    Coloring your hair after the hair transplant

    Following the surgery, there is a healing process where after a certain period, you can expect your hair to grow naturally. But, the problem of grey hair is the biggest concern as you must be thinking about whether you can color hair after the hair transplant. YES! You can color your hair, but keep in mind that hair dye is filled with harsh chemicals, beaches, and peroxides. If you try to use hair dye while the recovery process is going on then you can face a lot of issues. At least for 4 to 6 weeks, you should not use the hair dye, otherwise, you are hampering the recovery process. Give the hair grafts enough time to get them stuck in the desired place.

    Will transplanted hair get grey?

    Well! The answer to this concern depends on the quality of your donor’s hair. No doubt, the characteristics of the transplanted hair grafts and donor’s hair are the same. So, if the donor hair grafts are grey then following the hair growth the transplanted hair will also turn grey.

    Is it possible to use bleach after a hair transplant?

    YES! But at least 4 to 6 weeks you should not do that. Ideally, you need to wait for enough time so that your scalp gets healed properly. Understand that all the chemicals present in any sort of hair product are filled with chemicals. Using them while the recovery process is going on the results can get impacted.

    Important tips to consider after the hair transplant procedure

    • Make sure your scalp is dry all the time because sweating can make you itch the scalp which will damage the grafts.
    • Following the surgery, you should not drive on your own.
    • Make sure you are following all the instructions given by the surgeon.
    • Take the necessary medications on time
    • Wash and comb hair gently
    • Don’t let your scalp get in contact with the sunlight
    • Do not smoke & drink
    • Dye your hair after at least 1 month of undergoing the surgery
    • Never scratch the scalp and wear your cap at least after 3 days

    If you have any doubt in your mind, then feel free to get in touch with our medical expert and properly plan for the procedure.

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