Patient Gets Hair Transplant Surgery with Bio-FUE method

I now live Young, Free but not wild

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    I now live Young, Free but not wild

    After tasting on a former hair transplant centre in my neighborhood, I realized the biggest mistake I had made after 1 year. I knew that the transplanted hair had to shed, but this kind of shedding became a major trimming activity. It looked like the hair transplant procedure was directed towards eliminating the hair on my entire scalp.

    I watched in dismay until a friend of mine told me about Dr. Vj’s clinic. I approached the doctor, but could totally believe that there was something he could do for me at that particular time. He told me to start on Finasteride and gave me other tips to reduce the rate of hair loss.

    Well, Finasteride had a somewhat a positive change, but I needed a hair transplant. Dr. Kumar told me that I had to choose BIO-FUE since it could stimulate hair growth at a faster rate and also to help strengthen my hair. According to me, this was all a dream.

    It is now 2 and a half years ever since I had a BIO-FUE procedure from Dr. Kumar and am really humbled with his skills. He brought my dreams to reality and am grateful for that.