What is Body Hair Transplant Surgery?

How much do you know about Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

How much do you know about Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

Body hair transplant is commonly known as a life saver in case one has a limited donor area. BHT is new in the field of hair transplant that is to say that it gained popularity later on after Follicular Unit Extraction was introduced.

The procedure is an alternative when one wants a hair transplant or when one needs a good density. It uses the FUE technique to extract hair follicles from the body to the scalp.

What is Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

BHT is when a surgeon extracts hair from other parts of the body apart from the scalp. Normally, hair is harvested from the back or sides of the scalp and implanted into the small incisions made in the recipient region. Cases where one has grade VI or above baldness, there are chances that he will need BHT to facilitate the hair transplant.

Another side of BHT

When you need a surgeon to implant hair follicles into the different parts of the body, that is also known as body hair transplant. Facial areas like the eyelids, eyebrows, may lose hair due to certain infections or treatments like chemotherapy. To restore hair in those regions, body hair transplant in India can be an option.

Is everyone a candidate?

It is only a surgeon who can ascertain your candidacy through an observation of the scalp and the body hair during a consultation. Here is what can make you fit for body hair transplant in case hair has to be removed from the body to the scalp;

  • The color of the hair on the body and that on the scalp

  • The hair follicles available and required for the procedure

  • The length of the body hair

When transplanting hair from the body

Body hair transplant is absolutely more complicated than other types of hair transplant. This is because the skin is more sensitive than the scalp and can easily be injured during the procedure.

Artistry is a necessity before hair is extracted from the body. It is important to know that not all surgeons are experienced in carrying out body hair transplant in Vishakhapatnam, especially when it requires implanting hair in the facial regions.

What type of hair to extract?

  • We all have different hair with different thickness. With a single hair transplant procedure, some will achieve a great density while others will require another surgery to achieve the same.

  • While extracting the hair, the surgeon will select the hair follicles that are strong to prevent shedding immediately after the procedure.

  • The color of the hair follicles must also match that of the hair on the scalp and the scalp its self.

Implanting the hair follicles

  • The small incisions made in the recipient region must be in accordance with the diameter of the hair follicles

  • The growth cycle- it must be noted that scalp hair grows faster than the body hair. So, it must surely be a last resort for the patient before body hair transplant is considered.

  • The angle and the direction are also observed while implanting the hair into the small incisions in the scalp