Hair Transplant in Sompeta | FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost in Sompeta

Hair Transplant in Sompeta

Hair Transplant in Sompeta | Hair Loss Treatment in Sompeta

Hair transplantation – Eligibility criteria, Types and the various stages

When you are ready to go to a party, wedding or social gathering, then would you consider travelling through a car or a bike? Surely, a car will be your first choice. Because you know that if you go there by car, then you would have ruined your hard got hairstyle. So if you take care of your hair in so detailed away. Then we can understand your feelings when you face a bald head. But why worry? So many people in variegated regions of India are counting on the Hair transplant in Sompeta. Hair transplant cost in Sompeta us not more, rather it is minimal as compared to the costs of your happiness.

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    Hair transplantation….Ummm…You don’t know about it?

    Hair transplantation is a procedure that helps you to get the volumized hair on the scalp which was a time before it became quintessentially thin. The procedure takes into account extracting the hair from a donor one which is usually the back or the side of the scalps. The extracted hair is observed by the lab experts. After they are observed to be fit with their properties, then the effort is induced to place those grafts or implant them to the bald zone.


    What should you know about hair transplantation?

    First and foremost, you should ask the doctor which procedure is the deeming perfect to carry out on your scalp. If you want to cross-check what the doctor has said, then go search on google and gather all the pieces of the information.
    There are three procedures to revitalise the look of your scalp:

    • FUE
    • FUT
    • Bio FUE

    Brief information about the stages of the Hair transplantation

    Eligibility criteria

    The candidates who are matching with the credentials of the eligibility criteria are allowed to step into the first stage of the procedure. So let us know about the eligibility condition:

    • The age of the patient should be 18 or more than that.
    • The patient should not have any medical problem, specifically any heart problem.
    • The donor area of the patient has significant hairs.
    • Stage 1: Stage 1 of the hair transplantation procedure is related to the initial consultation of the patient with the cosmetic surgeon. In this stage, the patient is given an overview of the procedure and the doctor physically examines the scalp and the area which has enough hair to serve as the donor area. Besides, the doctor asks the patient to undergo several tests to ensure that the patient is completely healthy.
    • Stage 2: After the patient has come out to be completely fit, then the choice of the procedure is done. The patient is provided with the date of the surgery. Alongside, the doctor also helps the patient with the last of certain precautionary measures which are to be followed before the procedure like:
      1. Strict negligence to the caffeinated products and alcohol
      2. Not styling your hairs or washing with any of the chemical shampoo bases
    • Stage 3: Then the much-awaited comes. Before commencing the procedure, the doctor sedates the patient with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia which quintessentially varies from patient to patient. Then the grafts or strips of the hair from the donor are extracted.
      1. If it is FUE, then strips are extracted
      2. If it is FUT, the grafts are taken into account

      After this, the implantation of the extracted hair follicles is done. This is an outpatient procedure that takes 6 to 8 hours to complete.

    • Stage 4: Stage 4 is very crucial because this stage determines whether the hair grafts will survive on your scalp or not. So for that, you need to follow some preventive measures like sleeping by keeping the head elevated with the help of a pillow, not washing and oiling hair unless instructed by a doctor and drinking water in abundance to keep the body hydrated.