Hair Transplant in Anandapuram - FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost & Procedure

Hair transplant in Anandapuram

Hair transplant in Anandapuram

Hair Transplant is the kind of procedure that does not let the hair loss patients suffer from the long-lasting effects of the hair loss. I know, it becomes extremely difficult for the office-going people and school or college students to cope up with the hair loss condition. Since Indian society is highly judgemental when it comes particularly to looks. This could be the main reason that people are ready to go to any extent to get a hair transplant in Anandapuram

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    Can all people afford to undergo hair transplants?

    First of all, each one of us should know that the cost of hair transplant cost in Anandapuram is dependent on so many factors including:

    • The total number of the required grafts
    • The dimensions of the bald and recipient area
    • The type of techniques being used (FUE, FUT and Bio FUE)

    Are there any side effects of undergoing a hair transplant?

    There are no side effects at all, but yes there could be the slightest discomfort which people can face that may involve:

    • Formation of the scabs
    • Itching and irritation in the scalp
    • Redness or swelling in the recipient area

    But do not worry about that. These things will go on their own within the shortest period.

    What is the success rate of hair transplants?

    The success rate of hair transplant is different from person to person since each case of hair loss is different. Different ages, medical conditions and hair loss causes are accountable for determining the success rate. Also, it would be completely wrong to say that the entire success of the hair transplantation is dependent on the doctor’s skills and expertise. 50% of the success depends upon the patient’s ability to follow the preventive measures in the recovery period.

    Happy Patients

    Shrishti Arora

    Hey, I am Shrishti. Two to three years back, I was suffering from Lung cancer which was fortunately diagnosed in the first stage. Since every cancer patient has to undergo chemotherapy, I too had to undergo that. And every great and effective thing demands a price to be paid. And it demanded my hair. And for a girl, it is embarrassing to appear socially with lost hair. One friend of mine, who once had taken up liposuction from Dr C Vijay Kumar’s clinic, recommended me to go there since they are the best for providing result-oriented and cost-effective hair restoration procedures.

    And today I am enjoying styling full voluminous hair.

    Thank You so much, Dr. C Vijay Kumar.

    Sheena Goyal

    No sooner had I delivered the baby than I started facing hair loss. I know it was due to the hormonal imbalance. But that reason is not enough for me to convince myself of why my looks are getting compromised. So I decided to visit Dr Vj’s cosmetic surgery and hair transplant clinic. They listened to my whole story of symptoms of hair loss and complications faced during pregnancy. Being a cosmetic surgeon, he did not only focus on hair loss but he got concerned with the way I was concerned for the hair loss. I underwent a hair transplant surgical procedure performed under the supervision of Dr C Vijay Kumar. I must say the doctor is true to his words. What he says completely reflects in his actions.