Dr. C. Vijay Kumar the Director of the clinic and the Chief Operating Surgeon is a renowned and reputed cosmetic surgeon of International class with practical, authentic and extensive experience and proficiency in this thrilling field.

Our Mission

Our clinic shall continue to improve quality standards. We offers surgical and non-surgical services which are design to improve the way you look and the way you feel about yourself, and to increase your self-confidence.

Our Vision

To be leaders and innovators in Cosmetic & plastic surgery treatments and continue to adapt in a changing market.

Brand Details

Our services

Join us today to the VJ family

By now we hope that you will recognise that the VJ Clinic is a growing and exciting clinic in the field of aesthetic treatments and hair transplant field. We have built a great reputation and business through structured growth and planned development of our clinic.

Duplicating this success and exporting our clinic into new markets across the India and providing new clients with the benefits that The VJ Clinic customers currently enjoy, is a key goal of our team.

How Are We Different

We have a team of top cosmetic surgeons, experienced doctors, and well trained technicians which put their knowledge, experience to achieve successful outcome.

VJ has been founded with the aim of changing the quality standards and efforts of all treatments. VJ offers advanced surgical and non-surgical treatments which gives dream shape to your body.We are more cost effective than our competitors and we put together affordable packages that our clients enjoy and find to be good value for money and tell their friends about.

Most important of all is the atmosphere that we have managed to create with a professional edge, relaxed friendly and reassuring without compromising and great patient service.

How You Can Get Involved

By now we hope that you will recognise that The VJ Clinic is a growing multifunctional clinicin the field of aesthetic treatments. We have built a great reputationthrough structured growth and planned development of our clinic.

Duplicating this success and exporting our clinic into new markets across India and providing new customers with all the benefits that The VJ Clinic clients currently enjoy, is a key goal of our team.

We are looking for likeminded business individuals who can replicate both the quality of client service and ethos of our clinic within your own local area. It is difficult to typecast a ‘model’ franchisee for our system, however there are some important characteristics that you absolutely must have, or prepare to commit to developing

Our Technology & Quality Assured

We have the latest equipment’s and keep on upgrading with the new technique and machines. We are specialist in hair transplant, cosmetic and plastic surgery field. We have all type of laser machines and non-surgical body slimming equipment’s as well.

Marketing and Advertising

Hiring a professional as agency, graphic designer and copywriter can be painfully costly, to say the least. Even then, after you’ve shelled out the money for the best work the experts can provide, you still have to sit back and wait to and out if the campaigns, logo, catchphrases and sales pitches will even work to bring in new business and keep the regulars coming back. VJ Clinic can provide you with much of the marketing material you will need. Our head office will guide each clinic with marketing programs.

Training Programs

VJ Clinic will provide training for you and your employees. In addition to training sessions, the franchisor will provide you with hands on operational training within your clinic after opening to assist you in becoming more comfortable with your business.

How You Can Get Involved

A Built-in Support System

Besides the initial training, we will be checking in with you throughout the year, including on-site visits. The head office is always a phone call or mouse click away, and we are there to answer questions and help you through any questions you may have. Our success is dependent upon your success.

Research and Development

VJ Clinic is constantly looking for new innovations that will directly benefit its franchisees. Franchisees will directly benefit from these advances, by incorporating those advances into their clinics.

Steps to Opening a Clinic

A Built-in Support System

Though it’s not compulsory but we preferred having partnership with the person who can monitor and take part actively in the center. in case someone don’t want to be actively involved we can hire and trained the staff for doing the management part and handle actively the entire set up.

To apply for VJ clinic franchisee you don’t need to be have medical background. Even management person or non-medico can have our franchisees. Those who have worked in the same filed and want to expand further are preferred first for the given location.

We will help you in finding the location within the city. We have our experts who can guide you in selecting the place for the clinic. You can choose the city which is available and of your preference.
The franchise agreement would be for minimum of 3 years or maximum 5 year after that it will be renewed after that period.
The initial investment to open the clinic depends on the city, location and type of franchisee one need. The intial investment for having cosmetic or hair transplant franchise of dezire brand start from 20 lakh onwards. We can discuss the finance part once you send your detailed description and background.
The initial franchise fees for dezire brand is Rs 10 lakh onwards depending on the city and which type of clinic are taken.
Yes, there is royalties and marketing fees.
We can guide you which company equipment and other machines needed for the clinic setup. As we have multiple center so we have our own manufacturer from where we can buy directly at good price.

Steps to Opening a Clinic

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