Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant and why it is an option

There are surgical and the non-surgical methods and the fact is that non-surgical methods are the first options taken on by hair loss patients and when things become worse, surgical methods come in. The two techniques used in surgical methods are FUE and FUT. FUT requires a strip of hair to be obtained from the donor part and this leaves a linear scar that many patients don’t want. Being that, FUE hair transplant is looked as the best option when it comes to hair restoration procedures. The technique is a permanent way of eliminating patches on the scalp, beards, and mustache. Due to FUE, body hair transplant is possible and also, a robot can be used for the extraction and implantation of hair follicles.

The FUE technique is performed step by step by an expert with the help of a technician or a nurse. The scalp is marked to identify the affected area from the donor area. A specialized instrument in the form of a needle is used to remove the grafts from the donor area that has a more density. Small incisions are made in the recipient region and the grafts are fixed into them one by one. They are positioned in the right direction to create natural looking results and to make a person appear normal and not like a doll. There are no visible scars created in the FUE technique and that is the major reason as to why many patients desire this technique.

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