Factors Which Determine Hair Transplant Costs

Factors Which Determine Hair Transplant Costs

Factors Which Determine Hair Transplant Costs

Balding is a blatant truth for the people of today. It has affected millions of people worldwide. Some people consider taking medicines and using therapies to prevent it. However, they might not work in all cases.

If you are balding at a rapid speed, and you are considering Hair Transplant, you must be sure of the many aspects related to it.

However, if you look at the financial aspect from the point of view of the clinic, it is justified in asking for a good price as it is providing a modern treatment method for your hair. An authentic process will need the involvement of an experienced and qualified surgeon and latest infrastructure.

The factors that determine the cost of hair transplant

It will come as a surprise to you but it is true. The clinics cannot set a price on their own. The main factors which help in determining the cost are given below-

  1. The present condition of the scalp

The present condition of the scalp is a great determining factor in the calculation of the final cost. The baldness is categorized into seven stages according to the Norwood scale. The last stage is considered to be the most severe. The more advanced the stage, the more the operation will cost.

  1. Number of grafts required

Hair transplant involves the transfer of hair from the donor site to the recipient site. The condition of the donor site is, therefore really important. According to the availability and the degree of baldness, the surgeon has to calculate the required number of grafts. The cost will depend on the number of grafts used.

  1. The technique used

There are many hair transplant techniques. Out of them, majorly two techniques are used. The techniques which are mostly used are FUT and FUE. The cost will depend on the technique used-whether it is FUT or FUE. Usually, FUE costs more than FUT.

  1. Experience

The surgeon has to have a minimum amount of experience to give you a nice transplant. The more the experience of the surgeon,the higher the chances of success. However, expertise comes at a price. An experienced doctor will definitely charge more than a newcomer. We suggest you settle for the experienced one as a newcomer may botch up the surgery which will result in loss of money, resources and your chances of becoming full headed in future.

  1. Infra-structure of the clinic

The provision of advanced technologies at the clinic comes at a price. These technologies are essential for the patient as they help in case of any emergency situation.

  1. Financial offers for the treatment

Some clinics provide offers to the patients for financing their treatment. EMI, free treatment or reduction in cost is possible at some clinics. You can search the web for such clinics.