Everything you need to know about liposuction scar treatment and steps to minimize it

Everything you need to know about liposuction scar treatment and steps to minimize it

What is a Liposuction procedure? Is it a substitute for a healthy weight?

Liposuction is a surgical procedure that removes fat deposits from the body. With this time surgical procedure has gained a lot of popularity because of the results it provides.


Can liposuction leave a scar?

Liposuction surgery: When you consult the experienced surgeon he knows what needs to be done to minimize the scarring after the surgery. The surgeon will make sure the incisions are as small as possible and place them where no one can notice them easily. However, if scarring occurs then it is because of the choosing inexperienced surgeon.

After the procedure, the surgeon will instruct you to wear the compression garment over the area where fat deposits are removed. When you wear them correctly and follow the surgeon’s instructions it is going to reduce the risk of scarring.


What are the options for scar removal?

The given method is going to reduce scar appearance and make the outcome better.


Silicone gel sheets and silicone gel

Silicone gel and gel sheets are a popular choice to minimize the scar appearance and they can work when you apply them according to instructions regularly. Silicone gel is great as it hydrates the skin and stops the body from overcompressing during the healing phase.


Chemical peels and microdermabrasion

The dermatologist will use the chemical peel or microdermabrasion method to remove the scar tissue layer from the skin. You can consult the doctor and he can tell you whether you need additional recovery time. Mostly it results in redness.

Keep in mind everyone’s skin is different so you may respond to it differently. In some cases, treatment needs to be repeated and you will see the scarring start to fade.



The keloid scars and hypertrophic scars are not treated with this. During this method, the scar tissues are pierced and freeze it with nitrogen gas from the inside out. The scar is then released from the healthy skin which surrounds it. This procedure is simple, and it is performed in the outpatient setting and does not result in pain. This method helps reduce scar appearance.


Laser therapy

Laser therapy is another outpatient procedure in which laser heat is used for the scar tissue, and healthy cell growth is stimulated. This procedure is simple, and recovery does not take much time. However, repeated treatment is necessary, and it takes months to see the desired results.

Scar removal surgery

Scar removal surgery is the option for highly visible scars which makes you feel self-conscious. But, it involves the risk of making more scars. It is best to consult the doctor on which method works best for your condition.