Everything you need to know before getting the laser hair removal procedure

Everything you need to know before getting the laser hair removal procedure

Everything you need to know before getting the laser hair removal procedure

No one likes to visit the parlor every month to get those unwanted hair removed. It might seem the only option available for getting the unwanted hair removed. If you are not aware then one treatment of laser hair removal is the best option. People who have undergone the procedure are very much impressed with the results.

  • Types of Laser

Mainly there are three of laser which are used in the procedure diode, alexandrite, and ND: YAG. If you have light and dark skin then the diode laser is very effective. The fastest laser is alexandrite and it works best on areas which are large as well as the patients who have light-olive complexion. For all skin types Nd: YAG is very effective. It won’t be that effective on light or fine hair in comparison to another laser. The results are very effective and that is why the demand for laser hair removal in Vizag is increasing.

  • The laser can work in different areas

The laser can work effectively on different body parts such as arms, legs, upper lips, and bikini line.

  • Before the surgery stop certain medications

There are certain medications which you have to stop the medications before undergoing the procedure. Especially medications which are photosensitive should be stopped one week prior to the procedure. In case you are having any infection then it would be best if you postpone the treatment a few more weeks.

You should not use skincare which contains retinoids and alfa hydroxyl acids. They can make skin irritable and more vulnerable to the sun. if you are not what to avoid then do consult the doctor.

  • Shave the area before the treatment

One day prior to the surgery you should get the shave the area where you want the treatment. Make sure you do not bleach, wax or tweeze the area because then the laser cannot remove the hair follicles effectively.

  • The procedure is not complex

Some people think that the procedure is very complex which makes them nervous to get the treatment. The procedure is very simple as the beam of light will be put on the skin which will destroy the hair follicles which are present beneath the skin. Once the follicles are destroyed they won’t grow back again.

  • Every session is compulsory

Most of us think that one session is enough to get the hair removed which is not at all true. It is essential that you visit every session even if the hair growth process is slowing down.

  • 6 to 8 months to see the final results

If you are expecting the results will be visible immediately after the surgery then this is not the case. During the surgery, the hair which is removed is in the active stage. Additionally, every person has a different growth rate as well as it also depends on the area where you are getting the treatment. So, on average it takes about 6 to 8 weeks to see the final results.