Talking about Virginity Restoration

It is not only through sex that women get to lose their virginity. Vigorous exercises like gymnastics and athletics can lead to the destruction or the hymen that makes a woman virgin. Actually, any person who has never had sexual intercourse is a virgin.

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Talking of virginity; every woman has a layer called a hymen towards the vaginal entrance. It is always intact until she gets sexual intercourse on the first day. This is the commonest way of losing virginity and most of the women may not know the effect it actually has on them. Many women will experience bleeding on the first day, while others may not. Lower back pain and lower abdomen pain are also experienced.

Of late, cosmetic procedures like Hymenoplasty treatment in India are performed to help women who wish to restore their virginity. A hymen is a membrane that is reconstructed during the surgery or repaired in case it is still there. The top layer of the tissue is removed and the hymen will be joined and stitched to cover the entrance of the vagina.

Hymenoplasty surgery is taken to be awkward by many people in the society, but the truth is that women get the procedure mainly due to personal opinions. After the procedure, you can expect slight swelling and discomfort, but they are just for a short period. They will disappear within a few days and the hymen will completely be restored. Many women report better sexual activities after the procedure.

Botox Treatment to reduce wrinkles and the aging effects

The commonly used cosmetic treatment has reduced the number of facial issues in women and men. Thought to be dangerous, scientists discovered the good side of the treatment making a drastic change in the cosmetic field. It is a simple treatment provided by dermatologists to reduce wrinkles in the face.


All men and women experiencing aging and unwanted wrinkles or lines in the face are candidates. The following are excluded;

  • Pregnant women
  • Lactating or breastfeeding women
  • Men and women with neurological problems
  • When your doctor denounces it

How it works

As we grow, the skin loses its firmness causing it to form lines and dropping skin. The loss of weight is also another issue that can cause lines to be formed. When one meets a dermatologist, a botox injection is administered in the facial areas with wrinkles to reduce the effect of the muscles.

Once this treatment is given, the muscles or tissue is damaged, they will cause the wrinkles to disappear and the lines will also go away.

A majority of patients have benefited from the treatment since it is cheap and effective at the same time.

Before the procedure

Cosmetic procedures require attention during a consultation. Many patients suffer complications due to negligence and undermining the doctor’s instructions. Before the Botox treatment, one is advised to stop smoking for at least 3 weeks. Avoid or reduce alcohol consumption, drugs like aspirins and other anti-inflammatory drugs.

The procedure of Botox Treatment in India

  • It is an outpatient procedure and requires no anesthesia and very simple.
  • The doctor will inject the Botox treatment into the skin in the specified areas to reach the muscles.
  • It will take approximately 30 minutes for the treatment to be accomplished
  • One shouldn’t scratch or rub the injected area after the treatment

Side-effects of Botox Treatment

  • Bruising is a common side-effect which goes after a few days
  • Eyelid dropping also occurs due to the effect of the Botox treatment
  • One may also feel discomfort and headaches at times. The on and off headaches will last for 2 days
  • Weakening of the muscles in the location where the injection was administered

Getting another Botox treatment

Naturally, our body changes with age and the muscles grow as well. It will take you 7 months for the wrinkles to appear again, which means that you will need the treatment again to remove the wrinkles and the lines.

Botox Treatment Cost in India

When thinking about Botox treatment cost, one should consider between Rs. 10,000 to Rs.20, 000. As you search about dermatologists and cosmetic centres, so will you find a difference in the prices. An effective treatment will last for a good number of months and there will be results after 3 weeks of the treatment.

Facelift Surgery and how it will transform you

One of the leading cosmetic procedures in the world is a facelift surgery performed to generally alter or improve the facial appearance of a woman or a man. Cases, where a man or woman appears older than his or her own age, are common, aging is also a factor of life that can’t be battled with minor techniques.

What is a face lift surgery?

Also known as Rhytidectomy, a face lift is a cosmetic procedure that is aimed at giving someone a youthful appearance.

Clinically performed under sedation or general anesthesia, or local anesthesia, a face lift surgery is an outpatient surgery conducted after a general consultation.

A face lift surgery involves a number of procedures that include;

  • Removing excess facial skin
  • Removes deep creases around the nose or the mouth
  • Removes excessive skin from the neck and chin and at the end tighten it
  • Tightens loose skin around the jaw line

Face lift procedures have realistic results favorable in young and old men and women. It can also be combined with other procedures like lip augmentation, eyelid surgery, facial liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, or chemical peels.

The procedure of a face lift surgery

The latest advancements in face lift surgery are all aimed at achieving better results and offer a quicker recovery. The same improvements are all revolving around the traditional type of face lift procedure

Normally, the face lift procedure is performed, after a thorough discussion with the surgeon to avoid unexpected occurrences.

The face lift practices are also aimed at disguising the scar and normally the incisions are made above the hairline.

Depending on the goals,

  • The surgeon makes an incision in front of the ear, which will extend to the hairline
  • The surgeon will then lift the skin to separate it from the fat and the facial muscles and then pulls it to remove the excessive skin.
  • The surgeon will then tighten the facial tissues if required
  • Drainages are placed under the skin behind the ear to collect excess blood and liquid which will be removed after 3 days
  • The incisions will at the end be sutured and bandages will be applied

After a face lift surgery in India, there is a total change and the results will last for numerous years. However, studies show that one will need another face lift surgery after 6 years since the results are distorted by the environmental factors and lifestyles

After the surgery, it is important to follow the surgeon’s instructions to avoid complications.

There will be bruising, swelling and discomfort, but they fade with time and with the help of the medications provided.

There will be numbness and it is advisable to avoid smoking and reduce alcohol intake as much as possible

3 weeks are enough to recover from the surgery

Complications like infections, scarring, and damage of the nerves are possible in case of carelessness.

An Arm Lift surgery in India

The loose skin may come after weight loss, liposuction or aging. The loose skin may occur in the upper arm or the lower arm and through the arm lift surgery, the arms are properly reshaped.

An arm lift is also known as a Brachioplasty a surgical procedure that eliminates excessive sagging skin that falls downwards. The surgeon may remove the excessive fat and as well tighten and smoothes the underlying supportive tissue to give a new perfect shape to the arm. An arm lift is performed under local or general anesthesia to prevent pain. Before the procedure, a surgeon must discuss with the patient about the possible expectations. In this case, he has to evaluate the patient to see that she exactly knows what she is doing. The surgeon must also know about the medical history of the patient it is conducted.

Major complications that include infections and bleeding can be avoided when an experienced and qualified surgeon is approached. An Arm Lift surgery always leaves a scar linear scar under the arm. It can reduce in size and in the visibility when treatments are taken. In addition, it can also blend into the person’s skin with time. The advantages of this surgery are generally cosmetic based. A woman will have the desired arm shape and above all look younger and confident about herself.

Acne Causes, Prevention, Treatment, and all about it

Women are naturally affected by acne, but the level differs depending on the reason as to why one may experience them. Men are also affected by acne though the occurrences are lower to those of women. At the adolescent age, girls get acne/pimples due to hormonal changes and as one grows, other factors may increase acne in her life.

Although acne is common in women, there are some who never experience them due to their genes. In others, they may occur once in two or more months

What is Acne?

Pimples or acne develops when the body is faced with and tries to release the increased natural oils in the body. The glands in the skin are responsible for secreting the oils and once the pores are open, pimples occur. The degree or level of acne attack occurs differently from one woman to another. In cases where there is severe acne, the bacteria in the sebum are responsible for it

Types of Acne

There are mainly two types of Acne, namely;

  1. Inflammatory acne and
  2. Noninflammatory acne.

Inflammatory acne is when pimples with white or blackheads occur. This is the common type of acne whereas noninflammatory acne is a type that leads to inflammatory acne and also becomes red as time goes on. This problem may also be called papule.

One should note that acne can happen to an individual in any part of the body. It can be triggered or worsened by any factor that needs to be treated for the acne to completely disappear. Most people experience acne in their facial parts, but acne can also occur in the neck, upper arms, chest, back, and elsewhere.

Causes of Acne

The exact cause of acne is unknown, but so far the causes are due to hormonal changes, pregnancy, menstruation, and health issues. During pregnancy, the body experiences a change in the hormones and it can trigger them and after delivering the problem may stop. In other cases, the problem may continue and this depends on the woman’s immune system. Other causes are;

  • Stress and anxiety
  • Oily faces
  • Cosmetic products
  • Infertility, for example, PCOS
  • Physical irritation which may be due to allergy
  • Dust and environmental pollution
  • Treatments/ medications, for example, steroids, isoniazid, and phenytoin
  • Family history

Prevention of Acne

There are different measures that one can take to prevent acne in her life and the most important factor is that they are mostly home remedies

  • First and foremost, keep your hands from your face, whether with acne or without acne
  • Develop a hygienic routine whereby you wash your face more frequently with clean water and a clean towel
  • Soak the towel you use in your face in hot water regularly to kill the germs that cling to it.
  • Avoid oily foods, especially those with oily faces
  • Never squeeze or tamper with acne lesions
  • Use warm water to wash your face at least twice a day with a simple soap. Avoid soaps that are harsh for the skin
  • In case of a long journey, physical exercises, and hard work remember to cleanse your face with clean water immediately
  • Avoid harsh conditions, for example, harsh sun rays and dirty atmospheres

Treatment for Acne

Treating of acne is at times difficult for many women simply because some simple methods may not work for them and they need to see a dermatologist. Seeing a dermatologist can help you in case you have fought acne for many years and there is no solution for it. A dermatologist is able to carry out different tests and determine the type of acne affecting you after which he provides treatment.

Staying away from the use of multiple facial products will help you since some facial products are harsh and disturb the cells in our faces

There are simple facial lotions, gels, and creams that can be used to treat acne, for example, sulfur, salicylic acid, and Benzoyl peroxide.

Salicylic acid

It prevents clogged pores and you can get it from some facial products like the gels, cleansers, and creams.

Benzoyl peroxide

It is one of the best medications for acne. It removes excessive oils from the skin plus the dead skin.


It is also another recommended acne treatment since it removes excessive oils and the dead skin. Caution is required while using it, especially people with complicated skin types and dark skinned people.

Acne treatment in India is provided at the leading cosmetic surgery clinic. All types of acne can be treated and prevention measures given to a patient to stop the problem. Simple acne can be treated with simple measures, but where there is no improvement a patient must see a dermatologist for further treatment.