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An Artistic hair transplant was my last option

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    An Artistic hair transplant was my last option

    I have observed a systematic hair growth ever since I had a hair transplant 8 months ago at Dr. Vj’s hair transplant centre. It was my only last resort after realizing that my hair was thinning from the front. As a lady, Rogaine was the first treatment I used and it had a good impact on my hair growth but as the years went on, it’s results declined.

    I was losing more hair and I couldn’t sit back and watch myself go bald. I really loved my hair and the agony that I felt every single day was unimaginable. As I searched for a good hair transplant centre, the surgeon and his experience were all that mattered most to me. I had to be vigilant since I am a lady and wouldn’t want to suffer from a botched surgery and lose my money.

    When I decided to have a Bio-fue hair transplant at Dr. Vj’s clinic, I first viewed the patients’ responses and results to be sure that I would get my desired results and so did i. My hair is growing just like the surgeon told me. I make sure to avoid stress, eat a balanced diet, and making my health a priority.