A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Everything About Hair Transplant Surgeries

A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Everything About Hair Transplant Surgeries

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    A Comprehensive Guide To Understand Everything About Hair Transplant Surgeries

    The skin tone is dependent on genetic behavior. The color of the skin comes from the genes of the mother and father. The behavior of hairs is also dependent upon the genetic material. Many people with dull skin color go for skin brightening treatments to have clear skin. The best skin brightening treatment in Vizag is done at VJ clinics. Nowadays, hair loss is the most common problem, and every second person is suffering from it. Many people undergo the hair transplant surgery process to fill the empty place on the surface of the head.

    Hair transplant surgery

    A hair transplant surgery can move hair from one place to another on your head. It is a process that doctors perform to fill the space. It has many different ways to be done. Grafing is the most common way. Hair transplant surgery is also known as hair replacement and hair restoration.

    Work of hair transplant surgeries

    The healthcare professional collects the grafts and little pieces of skin. These samples are taken from those areas of the body that have healthy hair. This area is known as the donor site. This area is on your head at the back of the scalp. This area has thickest hairs. The grafts are moved to the hairless parts of the scalp. After healing the transplanted skin, it continues to grow hair.

    Reasons for hair loss 

    There are some reasons for hair loss. Hair loss has two types: temporary and permanent. Hair transplant surgeries are helpful for permanent hair loss. The reasons for hair loss are as follows:

    • The autoimmune disease attacks hair follicles. It is also known as alopecia disease.
    • Androgenic alopecia, or pattern of baldness.
    • Thyroid or hormonal imbalances.
    • Trauma injuries and burns.

    Steps of hair plant surgeries 

    Hair transplant surgeries have many steps. These steps include grafting, scalp restoration, flap surgery and tissue expansion. 

    • Grafting: the most common type of hair transplant surgery is grafting. The surgeon cuts small pieces of the scalp for healthy hair. They use a small, round punch to remove skin that contains about 10 to 15 hairs sometimes. These grafts are called hair plugs. Micrografts contain one to two hairs. Grafting takes many hours. Dermatologists use local anesthesia with sedation to numb the scalp.
    • Scalp restoration: scalp restoration is known as alopecia reduction. The small baldness of the scalp skin is removed. After removing the skin, the bald is pulled up, and the area is stitched.  
    • Flap surgery: doctors perform flap surgery if you have many empty areas on the front side of your head. General anesthesia is needed for the flap surgery. Flap surgery takes weeks to complete 
    • Tissue expansion: If the scalp has disfigurement due to burns. In this case, doctors will suggest tissue expansion surgery. Tissue expansion needs general anesthesia and involves many steps.

    Risks of hair transplant surgery 

    Risks under transplant surgery are 

    • infection, 
    • blood loss
    • side effects of anesthesia 

    Benefits of hair transplant surgery

    There are three main benefits of hair transplant surgeries are 

    • Head Full of hairs 
    • Solution for permanent hair loss 
    • Helpful for improving self-esteem 

    Many people get hair transplant surgeries done because they suffer from different hair issues. The VJ clinic boasts the best cosmetic surgeon in Vizag.