Effective 6 Natural Oils To Treat Hair Loss

6 Effective Natural Oils to Treat Spot Baldness- Simply Massage!

6 Effective Natural Oils to Treat Spot Baldness- Simply Massage!

We have to agree that baldness is an obvious nemesis that many have failed to eliminate until now. To make matters worse, those with a genetic predisposition will lose it in a few months as though they never owned it. Low self-esteem, humiliation, and an altered facial appearance are the common outcomes.

However, hair experts present 6 hair oils that you can directly apply to your bald spot to recover your hair.

  1. Lavender Oil

Lavender oil is effective when it comes to treating follicular infections. Lavender oil is also good at promoting blood circulation within the scalp. In case your hair loss arises from a poor blood circulation or an infection of the hair follicles, a mixture of Lavender oil and Cedarwood oil can help you realize results within a few months.

  1. Rosemary Oil

Hair experts confirm that Rosemary oil has for centuries been used to treat spot baldness. This oil is believed to have essential properties that stimulate hair growth by reversing hair loss. You can massage the affected regions twice a day for at least four months to witness the dramatic results.

  1. Thyme Oil

It may sound new, but Thyme oil has existed for decades. Thyme oil is known for rejuvenating both the scalp and its hair follicles, thereby promoting hair growth. Massaging the scalp every day can reverse hair thinning that can culminate into total baldness. You can definitely rely on Thyme oil most especially when trying to control the size of the overlapping bald spots.

  1. Cedarwood Oil

Cedarwood oil reverses thinning by improving blood circulation. As a result, the rate of hair loss is controlled, while on the other hand the oil will promote hair growth. The oil is known to treat a number of hair loss types and AA is one of them.

  1. Sweet basil Oil

The basil leaves have a number of uses and so is the oil. The oil can be used in a variety of dishes and above all, it is also used in making perfumes. When it comes to hair growth, sweet basil oil can help clear the clogged hair follicles and improve blood circulation.

Although it is reliable when it comes to hair growth, you are recommended to talk to a hair expert since an overuse is associated with a number of side effects.

  1. Castor Oil

There are basically three types of castor oil utilized for hair growth. Hair experts confirm that this particular hair oil can boost hair growth three times each use. Because of its antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties, it is ideal in treating scalp infections and as well promotes hair growth.

Massage the affected region with castor oil on a daily basis to realize optimal results in a few months.