Facial hair transplantation is the surgical restoration of the facial hairs in the areas where the hair are thin or missing like the Goatee, mustache areas, beards, sideburns and cheeks. These transplants can also be done to conceal the scars of either injuries or acne.

This procedure can be performed only by the surgeon who is certified and experienced in the cosmetic or plastic surgery as this surgery must be done after considering the dynamics of facial features and the symmetry on both ends. ‘

At VJ’s cosmetic and hair transplantation center , you can have surgery performed by the efficient team of professional who always strive for the best outcomes that can restore the perfect picture.



For hair transplantation choice of the donor follicles matters alot as it can directly effect to the outcomes of surgery, so the surgeon must be experienced enough to choose the best hair follicles that can not only restore the natural look but can also survive for lifetime.

For the facial hair transplantation, donor hair follicles are taken from the scalp according to the exact match of follicles with the facial hair. Dr. Vijay Kumar chooses carefully the loss resistant follicles that can give the permanent natural look to the patient after facial hair restoration surgery.

Facial Hair Transplantation: Procedure

This procedure is also done under the local anesthesia and the surgery is performed in the following steps

  • Surgical process starts with the extraction of healthy hair follicles
  • The extracted follicles are implanted at the correct depth, angle and direction so that natural look can be given
  • Transplantation of the follicles is either done by FUE or by FUT
  • Choice of the procedure and duration depends on the diagnosis and requirements of the client.


Facial hair transplant is done with the following objectives

  • It is done to hide scars, acne or birth marks on face

  • To expand the size of eyebrow, beard and moustache

  • To hide the injured parts if on face

  • Some patients choose this procedure to have the similar look like their favourite actor or actress

  • For the construction of new eyebrows, moustache and beard

  • For drawing the new hair line along the eyes, beard and moustache as per desire of patient

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