Hair Transplant in Gajapatinagaram | FUE Hair Transplant Cost in Gajapatinagaram

Hair Transplant in Gajapatinagaram

What all do you need to know about hair transplant treatment for hair loss?

The technological surge has led everyone to stay on the top be it their career or in appearance. It is the reason, the demand for cosmetic procedures is on the increase. Everyone wants to have a head full of hair, and they want healthy & shining hair. The people facing hair loss have the best choice to get hair loss treatment. With the rise in hair restoration procedure, there has been an increased number of cases of Hair Transplant in Gajapatinagaram and Vizag. Thankfully, the Hair Transplant cost in Gajapatinagaram, Vizag, Salur, and other nearby cities is budget-friendly. The treatment plan is strategized depending on how many grafts are needed.

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    What is a hair transplant?

    From the words of an esteemed surgeon, the hair transplant is the procedure during which hair follicles are taken out from the scalp back as they have the highest density of hair. The hair grafts are implanted where hair density is low or the person is experiencing balding.


    What are the reasons behind hair loss?

    On the initial consultation, the patient should ask about the type of hair loss and what is the reason behind it. This way the medical intervention you are getting will be proper. Seeking medical advice for excess hair fall needs to be done on time. Here we will talk you through some of the reasons behind hair fall.

    • Sudden shock: Sometimes a sudden shock in the family or accident can lead to hair fall. This state is well-balanced when you take proper care and medications. Once your state comes back to its normal state the hair will grow back.
    • Lifestyle preferences: What you do on every basis or how your everyday life goes will impact your life. An imbalanced diet, stress, sedentary lifestyle, and less exercise will lead to hormonal imbalance. It can be resolved by working on your lifestyle choices.
    • Hereditary: Permanent hair loss is triggered due to hereditary factors. In other words, it is known as male or female pattern baldness. Undergoing the hair restoration treatment will improve the condition.

    What are the hair transplant methods?

    Hair transplant surgery is carried out by the proficient surgeon with the two most used techniques.

    • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): During FUT, the hair strip is extracted from the back of the scalp where hair density is the highest. The hair grafts are implanted on the affected part of the scalp. After the procedure, it will leave a thin scar that is likely to be covered with hair growth.
    • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE): During FUE, the hair follicles are extracted one by one with a device named a punch. They are kept in a solution till the time they are not transplanted back. The able surgeon will place them in the problematic area. With this procedure, the recovery time is less.

    How is it beneficial to get a hair transplant?

    Some of the benefits of getting the hair transplant treatment are mentioned below:

    • Natural look : What’s better than getting a natural look? It is the only hair restoration treatment that uses the patient’s hair, and the hair growth will be the same. In terms of color, texture, and aesthetic value, it will be the best.
    • Permanency: The hair transplant results are permanent. After the surgery, you will notice hair loss as it is part of hair growth. There are no special instructions which you need to follow. Just ensure that you take the medications on time and follow the after-care regime.
    • Minimally invasive: The procedure is minimally invasive, and there is no risk attached to it. Of course, like any other treatment, there is the possibility of numbness, swelling, or pain in the treated area and during the recovery timeline.