Hair Transplant in Salur | FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost in Salur

Hair Transplant in Salur

Hair Loss Treatment in Salur

Hair transplant is the ultimate solution for patients dealing with hair loss. It is a one-time treatment and the results will last for a lifetime. It is seen that the demand for Hair Transplant in Salur has increased manifolds. If you compare the Hair Transplant cost in Salur with Delhi or Bombay then you will notice the cost is budget-friendly.

If you are planning to get the treatment then consult a hair expert at VJ’s clinic. One-to-one consultation with our doctor will address the problem effectively and make you understand the exact reason behind hair loss. Our doctors aim to deliver the best results to you under the best technology to make you feel comfortable throughout the treatment.

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      Natural-looking and permanent results with hair transplant

      This is true, there is no other treatment that can give the same results as hair transplant does. If you have various hair loss treatment options but nothing has worked out for you then you need to give this option a go. We will make you understand the effectiveness of the treatment through one of our patient journeys with the hair transplant.

      Poor results due to first hair transplant

      Yes! This is true that the results of hair transplant can be poor. But this happens when you have selected the wrong surgeon. Amit Jha consulted our doctor because he has experienced bad results with his first hair transplant. He told us that the previous doctor did not tell him in-depth how to take proper care. Also, when the doctor evaluated his scalp the grafts were not placed properly. It was a nightmare for him to go through such a situation. Through an online search, he came across our hair transplant center.

      One-to-one consultation

      Consultation is the imperative part of a hair transplant. Our doctor consulted the patient one-on-one. The doctor evaluated his scalp, talked about his medical history and checked how many grafts are needed. In the front part of the scalp, the hair growth was very less and there were few bald spots. The doctor suggested he should have an FUE hair transplant with 3500 hair grafts.


      Preparation for the procedure

      Before the procedure started, the doctor told him in-depth about the necessary precautions he needed to take. He even said that the things which our doctor told him were not told by the previous doctor. Amit was feeling extremely confident in the way the doctor has guided him throughout the treatment. He was suggested not to smoke, drink, or take any medications which can result in complications.

      Undergoing the surgery

      Before the treatment started, his overall health was taken into account. This was done to make sure that his overall well-being is in the right state to perform the surgery. The doctor precisely transplanted the required number of grafts on the problematic area. Without any issue, the procedure was completed in 6 hours.

      Seeing the desired results

      Amit was extremely happy when we started seeing the results in the initial stage. After 8 to 12 months, he started noticing the results which the doctor had promised him. The hair growth looked natural and it was permanent. It has been 2 years since he has undergone the surgery with him. He even recommended his friends get the surgery from our clinic.

      Final Take

      In all, the treatment will give the natural and permanent results which you always wanted. Get the one-time treatment and your hair loss issue will be solved for a lifetime. If you have any doubt, then get in touch with our doctor right away!