At VJ’s cosmetic and hair transplant center, PRP has been offered as the proactive therapeutic option for the patients suffering from hair loss. It is safe and effective treatment option for the patients that are seeking for the stimulation of hair growth.PRP is the all natural autologous medical procedure for scalp, skin and hair stimulation


Human blood is mainly liquid called plasma but it contains small solid components too like red cells, white cells and platelets. Each component of blood has its own functioning such as platelets are important for blood clotting and also contain hundreds of proteins called the growth factors. These growth factors are essential for the healing of injuries.

PRP is the plasma that contains many more platelets than the normal count of platelets in blood so it has 5-10 times greater concentration of growth factors than usual blood. Platelet Rich Plasmas (PRP) contains the ability to make the healing process of body faster than usual so can be used as the hair loss treatment.


PRP therapy is used for various medical treatments like in oral surgery, neurosurgery, plastic and cosmetic surgery, orthopedics and medicine with positive outcomes and success. In the field of hair restoration this therapy also works magically to stimulate the hair growth. As the Platelet rich plasmas activate the dead follicles in the scalp and faster the healing process so leads to overall nourishment of hair follicles and hence results in the hair growth.

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Vijay Kumar is experienced and specialized for performing the PRP therapy with positive outcomes. It is the non surgical treatment in which patient’s own blood is drawn in the specific amount after the routine blood testing at center itself in the pre Consultation.

Drawn blood is spun in the centrifuge under the controlled conditions of temperature, speed and time to separate the PRP and then these protein rich plasmas are removed from the rest of blood.

So in this procedure patient’s own PRP are taken and specially prepared by spinning down the blood taken from the body to have the higher concentration of proteins. The specially designed closed sterile system is used to spin down PRP so that patient can have safe procedure. This system also eliminate the granulocytes that hurts the generation of tissues and wound healing and provide the 4-5 times more concentrated platelet rich plasmas.

Then the anesthesia is administered in the nerves of scalp so that patient can have painless procedure. Then with the specialized tools highly concentrated platelet Rich Plasma is injected in the scalp to control the hair loss and stimulate the hair growth.

After the procedure, hygienic hair wash is given to the patient at center and then patient can go back home without any difficulty.

Generally depending on the extent of baldness 2-3 sessions of PRP are given to patient and soon after these sessions patient can notice the results.


  • Painless procedure

  • Non surgical procedure so leaves no scar

  • Patient’s own blood is used for therapy so there is no risk of infection or side effects

  • Affordable treatment for baldness

  • Suitable for both men and women that are suffering from baldness or thinning of hair

  • No medication or sedation is required in the session

  • It can be combined with the FUE hair transplant to give best results of surgery.


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