hair transplants in Gopalapatnam

When we think of baldness, then we have our minds full of thoughts concerning hair transplants. Earlier people used to be reluctant to even think of hair transplants in Gopalapatnam. No sooner did the recognized and well-acclaimed personalities reveal their hair transplant experiences than people started considering it as ‘Ultimate Solution For The Baldness’.

One Point - To Gladden You

The hair transplant cost in Gopalapatnam is so reasonable that everybody can afford it. Do not misunderstand this since the cost is less than average for some and more for others. It is because of the various factors that are taken into consideration to evaluate the eventual cost.

Hair Transplantation - The Most Safest Procedure

Usually, people are scared of undergoing an invasive procedure. But when they are asked about Hair Transplantation Procedure, then they deem it as an exceptional case. Such is the reputation of the procedure. The patients who visit us (Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre) for the initial consultation are sure to return home wholly satisfied.

We Never Hurry!

Since we aim at success, we make sure that the body of the patient gets strong enough to take the load of surgery. Thus, a period of one month or one week is always given to the patient to strictly follow the precautionary measures. For preparations, the patients are asked to follow all the following:

  • Stop intaking any kind of the prescribed or non-prescribed medications
  • Get switched to a nutritious and healthy diet
  • Complete avoidance of alcohol and cigarette smoking

You Are Our Responsibility

Forasmuch as the patient is administered general or local anaesthesia before the surgery, it becomes our responsibility to make sure that we carry out the whole procedure with honesty and precision. This is the main reason that we have such a great success rate.

Do Not Worry About The Recovery Period

From climbing the first step to reaching the destination successfully in the journey of hair transplant, we hold ourselves entirely accountable for making it successful. As far as the recovery period is concerned, the patient will get as many appointments scheduled with the doctor, necessary to track the performance. The doctor will create a checklist of the preventions that you are mandated to follow in the recovery period:



Take a proper balanced and nutritious diet Do not consume alcohol and cigarettes
Keep your mind relaxed and calmed Do not get indulged in the strenuous activities
Do meditation and stay happy Do not touch the transplanted hair
Intake your medications at the proper time Do not scratch the scalp or the scabs formed over it
Regularly visit the doctor for follow up sessions Do not shampoo or oil your hair until suggested by the doctors

Do You Want To Visit Us?

You are whole-heartedly welcome on our clinic premises. We promise to make sure you are satisfied with every bit of the procedural performance. From cost-factor to the successful results, please be assured that you have consulted the right clinic.