Hair Transplant Cost in Srikakulam | Hair Loss Treatment in Srikakulam

Hair Transplant in Srikakulam

Hair Transplant in Srikakulam | Hair Transplant cost in Srikakulam

What is hair restoration? Which methods are used to trigger the best results?

Hair Transplant in Srikakulam, It is a well-known fact that overall appearance creates an impact whenever we visit for a job interview. Hair loss patients have not only lost their hair but they have lost their self-esteem and confidence as well. For this reason, we have committed to making the hair loss patients regain the lost confidence by carrying out a hair transplant in Srikakulam and other cities where hair loss patients are rising at a rapid pace. 

If one is wondering about hair transplant cost in Srikakulam, then it is noteworthy that it depends on the factors like that of the experience of the dermatologist, the location where the clinic is situated, the intensity of the baldness and the total area fatted with the baldness. So let us get to know about this modus operandi in depth.


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    What is the implication of the hair transplant?

    Hair transplant is a technique which helps to regrow the hair which is transplanted from some other zone of the body. People who suffer from hair loss go through a very terrible period. So we aim at making them believe what has passed is passed. Now it is the time to relive the life which they used to live when they did not suffer from hair loss.


    How many stratagems are used to trigger the successful results from hair transplantation stratagems?

    Customarily, there are only two types of modus operandi which is used to carry out the successful results in the field of hair transplantation:

    • Strip harvesting: Strip harvesting is a conventional mechanism of hair restoration. In this stratagem, the strip of the scalp is harvested to extract the variegated hair grafts. Hair grafts can be referred to as a group of hairs. As soon as the hair grafts are extracted, they are kept under the supervision of the graft extracting team which determines whether the grafts can regrow in the recipient zone.
    • Follicular Unit extraction: This modus operandi is like the above-mentioned stratagem of hair restoration. The mild difference can be noted in the extraction procedure. In the above-mentioned stratagem, the initialization is customarily done by extricating a strip from the scalp. But this is a bit more advanced and less invasive. In this procedure, the doctor takes out particular hair grafts rather than picking out the full-fledged strip. The implantation modus operandi is however the same. Both procedures are believed to trigger the best results.


    There are some precautions which you need to take care of before and after the surgery for successful survival of the hair follicles:

    • Before:
      • No smoking & drinking
      • Avoid consuming prescribed medicines
    • After:
      • Do not shampoo and oil until suggested by the doctor
      • Do not put pressure on your head while sleeping
      • Do not comb until a specified period has passed