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Hair Transplant in Parvathipuram

Hair Loss Treatment in India

Hair Transplant in Parvathipuram, Everyone wants to look their best and most importantly they want voluminous hair. But hair loss is triggered with age and sometimes it occurs before that. All thanks to technological advancement, the patients have understood the need for a Hair Transplant in Parvathipuram. 

While planning to get the treatment, their major concern is Hair Transplant cost in Parvathipuram. It is important to understand that different factors are considered and then the treatment plan is strategized for you. One of the research has shown that by the age of 35, around 40% of the men suffer through hair loss.

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    Symptoms of Hair Loss

    In both men and women, the signs and symptoms of hair loss are different. It is common to experience hair fall when you wash the hair or comb the hair. Here are some of the signs and symptoms of hair loss:

    • Visible bald scalp
    • Diffuse hair thinning
    • The anterior hairline is receding
    • Hair loss from eyelashes and eyebrow

    Let’s understand hair transplant

    Hair transplant or hair restoration have changed the thinking of patients towards hair loss. With this surgical method, the healthy hair follicles are removed from one part of the scalp and then transplanted to another. Patients suffering from male pattern baldness are benefited through the treatment.

    The doctor will understand the severity of hair loss or check the degree of baldness to determine how many grafts are needed to cover the bald spots.

    Making the correct choice with hair transplant clinic

    The most important factor is to select the surgeon and clinic wisely. You need to go with an outstanding destination so that the treatment plan you get is the best. Select the surgeon who has years of know-how regarding the treatment and is well-aware about the modernized treatment options. Also, make sure that the helping staff is well-aware about everything and should be able to assist you on every step of the treatment.

    Different Types of Hair Transplant Service

    Some of the different hair transplant methods which can be performed through surgical approach are:

    • Grafts: It is a method where hair transplant surgeons remove the portion of the scalp and insert the existing hair stands in the problematic part. This type of procedure is carried out in the local anesthesia.
    • Flaps: During this procedure, the surgeon will cover a large part of the scalp. Healthy hair follicles are removed from one part and implanted into other parts.
    • Tissue expansion: During this method, the cosmetic surgeon will place the balloon-like tissue in the scalp area. After some time, the tissue is expanded which gets filled with saltwater.

    Best hair loss treatment

    Hair loss is treated with the use of different techniques, and it depends on nature. People dealing with hair loss should get this treatment option, and their problem is solved for a lifetime. Undergoing this treatment is safe and ensures that you select the surgeon with years of experience.