Hair Transplant in Kothavalasa, Hair Transplant cost in Kothavalasa

What is the diverse range of hair transplant and restoration treatments?

Hair transplant is one of a kind treatment plan and surely its results are unmatchable with any other treatment. Hair Transplant in Kothavalasa, Visakhapatnam, and other nearby areas have seen increased demand. One of the main factors is affordable Hair Transplant cost in Kothavalasa, Visakhapatnam, and different areas. Most of the patients are not aware of the variegated hair transplant and restoration treatment that can benefit you. In this blog, we will shed light on some of them so that you get the best treatment.

Hair transplant in men

Hair transplant is a savior for men experiencing early-age hair loss and baldness. By getting the hair transplant in India, their problem is solved once and for all. No doubt, you will get all-inclusive care and treatment from the top-rated clinic. With the best clinic, you will get the pre and operative care to help you get the best results.

Hair Transplant in Women

Hair transplant is not just a treatment for men but it can be beneficial for women also. We strategize the treatment plan for the patient so that they can get natural-looking hair growth.

Hairline Reconstruction

To get successful results with a hair transplant, your initial consultation will include hairline reconstruction. Getting it designed helps the patient to achieve a new look. Hair transplant is not just a surgical intervention but a modern art that takes years of experience & training to seek the best results. Hair transplant is designed to give you natural-looking results as hairline reconstruction is done depending on the degree of baldness you have.

Corrective hair transplant treatment

In some cases, the patient tries to get things done in a hurry. At that time, they consult the surgeon without bothering to know about their experience and skills. Consulting the inexperienced surgeon will drastically affect the outcomes. This is where you need to take assistance from an experienced doctor. He will correct the hair transplant results. Make sure to consult the best surgeon in your area as their likelihood to perform such surgeries comes with a 100% success rate.

Moustache & Beard Hair Reconstruction

Beard and mustache hair reconstruction have also gained attention with time. For the beard reconstruction, around 2000 to 2500 grafts are needed. Do not worry as the results are also permanent with this approach.

Eyebrow Reconstruction

When your eyebrows are perfectly arched it boosts your overall confidence and makes your look beautiful. During the eyebrow reconstruction, the hair grafts are extracted from the scalp. Undergoing the procedure will help you get the hair growth rate which you are looking for.

Body hair transplant

Another option that you can take advantage of is a body hair transplant. If there is insufficient donor area scalp, then the hair is taken from the chest, underarms, and beard. This way the hair transplant treatment will be done successfully. When you consult an experienced hair doctor, you can be sure that you will get a strategic treatment plan.

Revolutionary DHT Technique

Direct hair transplantation is one of the advanced techniques in hair restoration. This surgical approach has an ingenious method of extracting and implanting the hair. It is like a one-step ahead of the FUE method to extract and transplant the grafts in the problematic area.

How hair transplant is the preferred choice?

  • No Visible Scars
  • Maximum Density
  • Maximum Coverage
  • Reduced Pain
  • Natural Hairline
  • Survival Rate of Grafts - 100%

Moreover, the cost of hair transplant in India is less as compared to other nations which make it the first choice for many patients. Find the best hair expert in your area to have an individualized treatment plan.

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