Hair Transplant in Ganjam | FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost & Procedure

Hair Transplant in Ganjam

Advanced and Safe Treatment of Hair Transplant in Ganjam

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre, is the best place for hair loss patients to get the results they are looking for. Do you want to deal with the hair loss situation once and for all? Hair Transplant in Ganjam under the supervision of Dr. C Vijay Kumar is possible to do so. At our clinic, it is always about quality and following all the medical standards so that you get to see the results that you are looking for.

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    What is a hair transplant?

    Hair transplantation is the only treatment that gives you natural-looking and permanent hair growth. During the transplant, the hair follicles are extracted from one part of the scalp and then transplanted to the other place where hair growth is minimal or extremely less. The process of hair graft extraction will depend on which type of hair transplant method the surgeon has opted for. Depending on the current state of hair loss, your preference, and taking into account all other factors, our surgeon will suggest you the best type of hair transplant method between the:

    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)
    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)

    Both methods are effective in redefining the situation in the way you are looking for. With these types, the hair follicles are extracted and implanted with utmost precision which will ultimately give you the best results.

    How much is the cost of hair transplant treatment?

    The Hair Transplant cost in Ganjam will depend on different factors and only after evaluating your hair loss condition, our hair loss expert will tell you about the cost which you have to pay. On average, the hair transplant treatment cost around Rs 40,000. Depending on how many hair grafts your hair loss condition needs, then you will be told about the exact treatment cost. In addition, there are different factors which are taken into consideration like:

    • Doctor experience and reputation
    • Level of baldness
    • Locality
    • Number of grafts required
    • Type of hair transplant method
    • Use of technology

    How is it beneficial to undergo a hair transplant at VJs Clinic?

    Well! There are several benefits which you will get when you choose to get the hair transplant treatment at VJs Clinic like:

    • One of the leading hair transplant centre in India which has also gained attention among the foreign patients
    • The doctor has more than 35 years of experience which calls out for skills and brilliance.
    • High-level of customer satisfaction
    • Use of modern and advanced treatment option which ensures minimal scarring
    • Get the natural-looking hairline and desired results.

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    So, if you are facing the problem of hair loss, scheduling your initial consultation with the best hair loss expert is important. At VJs Clinic you will get all your answers for the hair transplant treatment once and for all. Schedule your initial consultation with our hair loss doctor at the earliest, and after diagnosing the reason for hair loss it will help you get a customized solution for your condition.