Hair Transplant in Chodavaram | FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost & Procedure

Hair transplant in Chodavaram

Hair Transplant in Chodavaram | Hair Transplant Cost in Chodavaram

Hair is an indispensable characteristic of one’s personality. If these are kept on shedding off from the scalp, the individual starts getting worried about his or her looks. But do they need to worry? No, they don’t. They can restore hair growth by relying on the Hair Transplant In Chodavaram.

At Dr VJs cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre, the patients are firstly called for the initial consultation in which they clear their doubts and get to know how to aim at treating their hair loss problems.

Dr Vijay C Kumar believes in maintaining transparency and honesty with the patients. And thus each aspect of the treatment is put forward in the consultation so that the patient determines to take treatment by keeping all the vital aspects in mind. The most common aspect is Cost. So let’s discuss it:

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    How Much Will The Procedure Cost?

    Being surgical, Hair Transplant Cost In Chodavaram is influenced by a wide variety of factors. The fundamental of them are as mentioned below:

    Graft Extraction

    It is an important part of the treatment. The number of grafts required does impact the eventual cost of the procedure.

    For example: If only 3000 grafts are required, then the cost will be a bit high as against 1000 grafts.

    Type Of The Technique

    • There are commonly two kinds of surgical techniques that are used in the procedure and those are:

    • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
    • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation)

    Experience Of The Surgeon

    The experience of the surgeons is directly proportional to the results of the procedure. And yes, for some clinics it also impacts the costs.

    But! But! But!

    Dr Vijay C Kumar conjectures to charge the relevant amount irrespective of the experience. This can be the probable reason why the cost of procedures at his clinic is so economical, despite his 35 years of giant experience. His primary aim is to make the patients satisfied. This is why he benefits all his patients with:

    Free Consultation For One Year After The Surgery

    How Can I Estimate The Cost?

    You cannot estimate the overall cost until you know how many grafts are needed by your bald region for a fuller look.

    On average,
    Each graft (Has a maximum of 3 hair follicles) costs about INR 20 to 30 Rs.+Tax.

    Why Will You Find The Cost Of The Procedure Worth It?

    It is because of the special fact that the clinic provides for hair loss patients. Besides, Dr Vjs Cosmetic surgery and the hair transplant centre is rich with:

    • Experienced staff

    No doctor is allowed to perform the surgery unless he is trained under the supervision of Dr Vijay C Kumar. He is very compassionate with the patients and does not want them to be put at any kind of risk.

    • Combined Treatments

    We promise you the sure-shot results. And that is only possible with the Omni approach of the treatment. These are the other options which the patients are treated with:

    • Medications
    • Lifestyle Changes
    • Surgical Procedures
    • PRP treatment
    • Energy devices