Hair Transplant in Anakapalle - FUE, FUT & PRP Hair Transplant Cost & Procedure

 Hair Transplant in Anakapalle

Affordable Cost Hair Transplant In Anakapalle

Vjs Cosmetic Surgery and Hair Transplantation Centre is highly acclaimed for providing desired results concerning hair transplants in Anakapalle. With the latest techniques and technologies, we can guarantee a fully and completely natural look. Our team of competent doctors, surgeons and dermatologists are accountable for providing promising results. They make sure that every procedure is accomplished with full safety and ultimate hygiene.

Stage 1: Eligibility Criteria

What is our approach to providing hair loss treatment?

First of all, we make sure whether the patient is eligible for a hair transplant or not. For that we have framed all-inclusive eligibility criteria, which have the following credentials:

  • The patient must not be below – 18 years of age
  • He or she must not have any heart, Liver, Kidney or Pulmonary Disease
  • The patient’s donor area must have the required number of hair grafts
  • The patient has consent with the cost of the procedure

Stage 2: Formulation Of The Treatment Plan

Once the patient is declared eligible by the assessment authorities, then the cosmetic surgeons will physically examine both the donor areas and the recipient area. And the treatment plan will be formulated. Also at this point, the doctor decides which hair restoration procedure will fit the patient best

FUT - Follicular Unit TransplantationThis is one of the single strip harvesting methods which is carried out with the help of the elliptical excisions. The hair follicles are separated from the strips. Then, they will be implanted in the bald region.
FUE - Follicular Unit ExtractionThis is the novel hair transplantation method. In this, the hair follicles are removed turn by turn from the donor region by making use of the punch tool. Similarly, these will be implanted in the bald area. The major benefits of the procedure are:
● The scars will fade away soon
● The recovery time is considerably shorter
Bio FUEIn case, we found out that the hair loss patient is not having enough hair grafts. Then the Bio FUE can be regarded as the best procedure in this regard. Since it helps to trigger the scalp with the help of the regenerative cells to regrow the hair, it is deemed as an advanced hair restoration procedure.
DHI - Direct Hair ImplantationIt is one of the modifications of the FUE technique, in which the surgeons initially cuts the channels in the scalp much before the hair transplantation This procedure is completed with the help of a pen-shaped tool which is particularly used for this.

Cost of the Package

  • The cost of the package depends upon the choice of the approach. Each one of the approaches has a distinctive cost package. 

To know more about our hair transplant cost in Anakapalle, please contact us or visit us at our premises.

Why Choose Us?

Well! The expertise of Dr C Vijay Kumar is one of the giant reasons why people trust us.

Well-Qualified Staff

The whole team of Dr Vjs Cosmetic surgery and hair transplantation centre are trained under the supervision of Dr C Vijay Kumar. Each one of the doctors has had an experience of so many years.

Highly acclaimed facilities

Since hair transplantation is the outpatient pressure, the pressure to provide more enhanced services was huge. We wanted our patients to never get even a single cue to complain against.