Do you need the best results in any hair transplant and restoration procedure? Dr. C. Vijay Kumar Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplant Center is the right choice for you. The experts in cosmetology are only found at this clinic. We produce quality and remarkable results because we exactly know what is best for you
Dr. C. Vijay Kumar

M.D. ,
F.A.I.M.S: F.I.C.S. (Chicago),
M.A.M.S (Vienna)

Service Award 2017

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar, Hair Transplantologist & Cosmetic Surgeon in Visakhapatnam

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar is one of the leading Hair Transplant Surgeons well-known for his talents and extraordinary services. He is well-trained and has dealt with different kinds of cases in the cosmetic and Hair Transplant Sector in India.

He has what it takes to transform all kinds of men and women suffering from hair loss and baldness

The Target To Make You Happy Again

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar works with experienced staff members to bring out the best in you. Dr. C. Vijay Kumar knows exactly how it feels like to be in your position and that is why he is here for you

Successful Cases

For the past 35 years that the doctor has worked on different patients, there are exceptional results that are produced in every procedure. Through the enough experience that he possesses you will be able to attain excellent looks once you approach him.

Dr. C. Vijay Kumar and his Acclaimed Cosmetic & Hair Transplant Center.

The center performs all kinds of cosmetic and hair transplant procedures that are safe with no complications. The surgeons and the staff are well trained and equipped to attain maximum productivity from the procedures. We simply move mountains for all our patients.

How We Conduct Our Services

  • Personalized doctor and patient communication is a priority at the start of every process
  • The patient explains his or her situation and we diagnose the actual cause of it
  • Systematically, we handle all patients to maximize their chances of getting the best results
  • All surgical procedures are conducted in a clean and desirable environment
  • No bleeding and pain
  • Anesthesia is administered and after the surgery, care and treatment is also provided

Our Services & Facilities

Our Profound Services are recognized throughout India simply because they are distinguished from all others. We always follow standards and protocols in every procedure. We excel at:

  1. Plastic surgery like breast augmentation, Liposuction, lip injections
  2. Cosmetic Surgery such as skin rejuvenation, treating skin disorders
  3. Body Hair Transplant like moustache, beards, sideburns, and eyelashes
  4. Hair Transplant surgeries that will make you look younger than before
  5. Painless and non complicated procedures

Why Dr. C. Vijay Kumar And His Center

If you are in need of a tremendous transformation, you are simply at the right stop. Your dreams will come to reality in no big time.

Here are the Factors that make us divergent from others

  • Personalized patient and doctor sessions
  • Best treatment
  • Safe procedures with follow-up
  • Counseling patient
  • Good and quality results in every procedure
  • Always available for patients

Cost of the Services

The cost of procedures and services are patient friendly. We charge reasonable prices for extraction and implantation of grafts, Cosmetic surgeries etc.
We strive to provide the best treatment for all patients, so come and find your new identity.

Chances of successful Results for Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgery

Our experts at the Center utilize and as well as maximize the success rate of every procedure. With the artistic abilities and techniques, there is no boundary in this field at our center and that is the main reason why we exist


Right Medical Treatment & Attention

Take each step with the best doctors and gain the necessary attention best for you as a patient. We value you with your health and that is the reason why we offer maximum care and follow-up for you


Cost Calculator

All our services and procedures are charged at the lowest cost possible. The hair transplant procedures are more affordable than before because we want to see you smile. Know the actual graft cost that is not found anywhere else

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How would I look?

Your outstanding results need a celebration and that is done whenever you walk on the streets. Get shining, glowing and quality looks after the surgeries and walk through the sky

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You will stand out among the people who had the same procedure just because you chose the right doctors and clinic for yourself. We make a difference for someone from every procedure

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We don’t settle for less for all our patients meaning that we put in all extra efforts to see you through the procedures. We assure you of the best possible results that are less invasive.


We provide innovative world proved non surgical options to restore your crown glory. Therapies like PRP, Stem Cell and Mesotherapy ensure the exceptional results by restoring the natural looking hair without pain, stitches and scars.

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We provide aesthetic look to the healthy patients by correcting their abnormalities, repairing aging effects and with the addition of greater sense of body harmony. We strive not only for the changes in body image, physical appearance, perception but also bringing emotional stability.

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Get the improved looks by getting treatment from the certified and experienced surgeons. We offer lipoplasty, eyelid surgery. Breast implants, nose jobs or correction and facelift treatment with positive and safe results that rock your younger look

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We have a professional team of surgeons that offer surgical hair transplantation with state of art, to restore natural looking hair for lifetime. Use of Pioneer technologies and latest methods ensure the successful results without side effects and with the cost advantage for patients

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The process of removing the hair from the back of your scalp and relocating them with finesse over the bald areas or the areas that require them is called hair transplant. It is surgery that is done under the influence of anesthesia. It can be done for scalp, eyebrows, beards etc.

Hair transplant is increasingly becoming the solution to baldness or excessive hair loss, but the success of this procedure depends highly on the hair transplant surgeon you choose, as it is very difficult to recreate the natural patterns of hair growth. It requires a highly specialized team of doctors for its complete success.

The transplanted hair can be treated like the normal hair, you can oil them, shampoo them and you can even get a haircut of your choice for them. They are easy to maintain and carry.