How Hair Transplant Can Change your Look

Visakhapatnam: We all want to look good in every phase of life. When we are young, it is not much of a problem. Our skin glows and our hair is shiny and abundant. However, as we age, things do not remain the same. Our skin starts losing elasticity and the effect on hair can also […]

Tips for faster recovery of hair transplant surgery


What are 9 topmost recovery tips after hair transplant surgery for better results?

Here are some recovery tips, that will surely help you get the best results: Go with prescribed medications-: no doubt, you will surely experience little pain and discomfort immediately after the procedure. In this case, you must go with prescribed medications and lotions as well. However, you do not take any other medicine without the […]

Following the hair transplant do these things


Following the hair transplant procedure, you should do these things

Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre: No doubt, when you visit the doctor for the treatment they will give you everything in detail which will make everything even better. Here, are a few things which you need to do: Following the surgery, the patient has to rest properly. Additionally, they should not involve in […]

Habits that lead to hair fall


Explain the lifestyle habits that are responsible for excessive hair fall?

In this condition, many people use certain things or take hair growth medications, which only give sometimes relief. If you want to get rid of this condition permanently, then you must go with a hair transplant in Visakhapatnam.  First of all, let’s have a look at habits that are responsible for hair fall. Over-washing your […]

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