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10 Best Hair Transplant Centres in Vizag

10 Recommended Centers to visit for hair transplant in Visakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh Different states and different places have different best surgeons who are undergoing the process of hair transplant surgery.  Dr. VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre He deals with Hair transplant in men, hair transplant in women, FUE surgery, Facial hair transplant, Follicular hair […]

VJ Clinics: The Centre for all hair problems in Vizag


VJ Clinics: The Centre for all hair problems

How does iron deficiency affect hair loss and what you can do about it? Hair loss is often seen in many age groups. It is often associated with nutritional deficiencies. Although the reasons could be external, very often the loss occurs due to malnutrition. If the diet is poor in iron, it leads to the […]

ways to prevent and treat Hair Loss in Women


Women hair loss-: What are the ways to prevent and treat Hair Loss in Women?

Hair loss condition is a common health condition in many ladies these days. This condition has many causes such as hormonal changes, hereditary issues, excessive use of hair styling products, and iron deficiency. In addition, some ladies encounter this condition due to pregnancy and PCOS health condition. But ladies who lose their hair during the […]

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