Combat Hair Loss With These Simple Foods

The mechanism of hair loss that mostly culminates into baldness is silently triggered by the interrupted hair growth cycle, normally through a prolonged catagen phase and a telogen phase. Naturally, the process of hair loss is triggered by DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) an androgen that causes the hair follicles to shrink. In males, testosterone is converted by […]

Caring for Your Baby’s Hair- This is for the Mothers

They say life is a circle and indeed it is. You were once a baby and at this moment, you have a baby who means a world to you. As mothers, we tend to devise suitable care tips for our baby’s skin and hair because they are young and much less used to these environmental […]

Understanding the Ideology Behind Going Bald & Its Cure

The common reasons as to why men go bald aren’t significantly disturbing since it is more common for males and female to suffer from baldness today. The rate at which men go bald today doubles the rate witnessed 2 decades ago. Ideally, there are various factors for going bald, some of which are even unpredictable. […]

Liposuction: Candidates, Techniques, Benefits, & After Procedure

Looking at a mirror and observing fat pockets, love handles, and a floppy belly worries many modern women in conjunction with men. If we are to compare celebrities, both fat and slim, we shall find certain similarities that bond them. This is identical with Bollywood’s Kareena Kapoor and Hollywood’s Kim Kardashian. There is a very […]

How Fluent is an FUE hair transplant Procedure?

When it comes to hair transplant, the Follicular Unit Extraction technique also known as FUE happens to have gained more significance than the traditional procedure. The procedure is described as minimally invasive when it comes to combating hair loss or baldness in males and females. What does FUE really mean? The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure […]

Preventable Food Regimen After the Liposuction Surgery

India is the country of the scientific inventions. Numbers of the inventions have been discovered on the regular basis. One of the newest inventions is the Liposuction surgery. This is the one of the best cosmetic surgery in India. The surgeons of our hospital are specialized in providing the liposuction surgery in India as well […]

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