I look far better than I expected

When I approached Dr. Vijay Kumar for a hair transplant procedure 5 years ago, I was totally worn out and looking twice older than my real age. I never expected to lose my hair that quickly, but since I was associated with smoking and working for a longer period of time I guess that’s why […]

What a hair transplant did for me!

A hair transplant is an advanced technique where your own hair is removed from one side of the scalp and implanted into another. The procedure can be performed in one setting or two, depending on the time one has or as the surgeon may suggest. Dr. Vijay Kumar is the best surgeon I have ever […]

How much do you know about Body Hair Transplant (BHT)?

Body hair transplant is commonly known as a life saver in case one has a limited donor area. BHT is new in the field of hair transplant that is to say that it gained popularity later on after Follicular Unit Extraction was introduced. The procedure is an alternative when one wants a hair transplant or […]

Minoxidil For Men & Women To Re-Grow Hair

You may doubt the possibility of restoring your hair in the case when you can’t afford a hair transplant or when hair loss is just starting. Today men and women have less to worry about in case they approach a dermatologist for the effective use of Minoxidil to enhance hair growth. What is Minoxidil? Minoxidil […]

How To Know That You Will Go Bald One Day

Hair is very important, though we may all have different attitudes towards it, there is one thing that remains and that is that it is a source of beauty for most women. Men can go with short hair or certainly with bare heads, but that is not the story with most women. Most women would […]

The Different Concerns Of Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is a modern type of hair transplantation. It is much loved compared to the Follicular Unit Transplantation, which is a traditional method. This particular technique has various concerns which are; Follicular Unit Extraction as a surgery The surgical procedure comes after a decision between the patient and the surgeon. During […]

Evaluation of Hair Loss

A General Assessment of Hair loss with an expert This is a major step that you must undergo before embarking on any hair loss treatment. It is common today that people utilize the market hair loss treatments without having had a systematic evaluation of their hair loss with a dermatologist or a hair surgeon. There […]

What is Finasteride Treatment?

Seek the physician’s guidance before embarking on Finasteride Finasteride treatment is exclusively for men and it is also known as Propecia. Propecia is one of the major ways of combating hair loss and it is approved by pivotal organizations in hair loss in men. The treatment is orally administered and it is at times taken […]

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