How Does The Botox Treatment Works?

BOTOX is one of the most effective treatments that help to get rid of the signs of the aging. Botox injections have gained publicity across all over the world. Nowadays, it also gained popularity in India also. Botox treatment is the best cosmetic surgery in India. You will be so much wondered about the celebrities […]

Thigh Lift Surgery – Its Pros and Cons

A thigh lift is a method that removes the excess skin and fat from the inner and outer sides of the thighs. Thigh lift surgery in India is used when diets and exercise are failed to perform the weight reduction task. After the surgery, you have to maintain the healthy lifestyle and moderate weight. Thigh […]

Lips correction surgeries for the larger lips

Plumy lips are always considered to be sexy. If you are having larger lips, these can interfere with the eating, drinking and speaking. If you think that your lips are too large, lip reduction surgery is the best approach for you. Lip correction surgery in Visakhapatnam is the permanent treatment of reducing the lip size. […]

The Gynecomastia concern: Is the Breast Reduction Surgery enough?

Analysts have gained a great concern and insight about the raving gynecomastia levels in India. It is saddening as the physical deformity points to a number of cases that include; Hiking obesity levels Poor feeding Alcoholism and drug abuse Increased hormonal imbalances Threatening male breast cancer Tumors Genetics among others What is gynecomastia and what […]

Arm Lift Treatment Is The Right Choice For The Bingo Wings

BINGO WINGS Bingo Wings: Bingo wings are the situation of saggy dermis among the most of the mature men and women. This situation occurs when the person loses a lot of the weight. Loose hammocks, auntie arms, nanna wobble, etc are the common symptoms of the Bingo wings. Bingo wing condition may be hereditary among […]

Gynecomastia Surgery – Procedure and Its Results

What is Gynecomastia? Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the male breasts. It is occurred at the age of the infancy, puberty, middle age, old age. It is different from the Lipomastia. Lipomastia is the presence of the fat deposits in the breast area of the obese men. Actually, true Gynecomastia is the result of the […]

Facts About the Popular Liposuction Procedure

Liposuction is emerging as the commonest cosmetic procedure worldwide. The procedure was initially performed in the 1980s and with time, Liposuction has become so popular that it is among the first ever-thought of procedures while seeking plastic or cosmetic surgery. Well, you may have heard of this blossoming technique/procedure, but how much do you know […]

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