Hair Transplant


Hair Transplant Brings Your Confidence Back

Hair transplantation is the most preferred and successful way of defeating hair loss. It is taken as the best solution for treating hair loss of both men and women. Here it would be interesting to know that what facts make hair transplant in India the right choice for all. No more hair loss For hair […]


Here is the Ultimate Solution to Your Balding Scalp

We all want to look good and trust me; every man wants to stay at the knob. With that, everyone is trying to defy his or her age by using expensive skin products, opting for supplements and even shedding some weight in any way possible. But, during this struggle, another rival continuously dares to take […]


This is How An impeccable Hair Transplant is Produced

Decades down the road, the cosmetic field is entirely invaded by hair transplant procedures. Gone are the days when liposuction had just made its way out and everyone couldn’t stop raving about the benefits of the procedure. From renowned celebrities like David Beckham, Wayne Rooney, Jude Law, Tom Hanks to a common man, hair transplant […]


Is Akshay Kumar’s New Looks natural or He needs a Hair Transplant

The Indian-born Canadian actor, Akshay Kumar is set to film for his upcoming new movie titled Keasri. The 50-year-old actor is an eye-catching star who has prevailed in the Bollywood industry for decades. Surprisingly, the award-winning actor has recently appeared in public with his head bald or what some have called a shaved scalp. The […]


How Fluent is an FUE hair transplant Procedure?

When it comes to hair transplant, the Follicular Unit Extraction technique also known as FUE happens to have gained more significance than the traditional procedure. The procedure is described as minimally invasive when it comes to combating hair loss or baldness in males and females. What does FUE really mean? The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure […]


Mega Session VS Giga Session; Advantages and Disadvantages

If you take a closer and deeper considerations of hair transplant as a patient, you may totally fall into a dilemma. That’s why it is best that a renowned surgeon is consulted to explain to you the shallows and the depth of hair transplant. Decisions towards hair transplant are not only towards the type of […]


How much do you know about your hair?

Most of us are only aware of the fact that we grow hair and that the body is filled with hair, especially in men. Well, that is good, but the mysteries of hair can simply be explained as below to get a clear picture of the kind of hair that humans have. Hair and the […]

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