Hair Transplant

How Fluent is an FUE hair transplant Procedure?

When it comes to hair transplant, the Follicular Unit Extraction technique also known as FUE happens to have gained more significance than the traditional procedure. The procedure is described as minimally invasive when it comes to combating hair loss or baldness in males and females. What does FUE really mean? The Follicular Unit Extraction procedure […]

Mega Session VS Giga Session; Advantages and Disadvantages

If you take a closer and deeper considerations of hair transplant as a patient, you may totally fall into a dilemma. That’s why it is best that a renowned surgeon is consulted to explain to you the shallows and the depth of hair transplant. Decisions towards hair transplant are not only towards the type of […]

How much do you know about your hair?

Most of us are only aware of the fact that we grow hair and that the body is filled with hair, especially in men. Well, that is good, but the mysteries of hair can simply be explained as below to get a clear picture of the kind of hair that humans have. Hair and the […]

Imagine a hair transplant before your wedding

By hook or crook, I had to find a hair transplant centre before my big day. I had hopes that I would grow hair before the day finally knocked. I thank my girlfriend that she supported me in my quest and she was patient. Having gone bald at the age of 24, many surgeons told […]

I now live Young, Free but not wild

After tasting on a former hair transplant centre in my neighborhood, I realized the biggest mistake I had made after 1 year. I knew that the transplanted hair had to shed, but this kind of shedding became a major trimming activity. It looked like the hair transplant procedure was directed towards eliminating the hair on […]

How a hair transplant changed my career!

I may not be a big celebrity, but I believed that I was a celebrity for the kind of work I do. In the early 2000s, I watched my hair falling out for reasons I didn’t know. I tried to get some treatments mainly Finasteride, but its effect was not that big. To cut the […]

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