Hair Transplant

How To Know That You Will Go Bald One Day

Hair is very important, though we may all have different attitudes towards it, there is one thing that remains and that is that it is a source of beauty for most women. Men can go with short hair or certainly with bare heads, but that is not the story with most women. Most women would […]

The Different Concerns Of Follicular Unit Extraction

The Follicular Unit Extraction technique is a modern type of hair transplantation. It is much loved compared to the Follicular Unit Transplantation, which is a traditional method. This particular technique has various concerns which are; Follicular Unit Extraction as a surgery The surgical procedure comes after a decision between the patient and the surgeon. During […]

Could some of us exist without hair transplant?

A common man, celebrities, and politicians are all victims when it comes to hair loss and this automatically shows how some of us can’t exist without hair transplant procedures. Hair loss alters one’s facial looks making you look way older than your real age. The experience of all the victims after a hair transplant is […]

Before a hair transplant, here is a guideline for it.

Many patients may feel well conversant with the procedure, but there is a lot of confusion created in public about hair transplant procedures. We can simplify details about hair transplant procedures like this; A hair transplant in Visakhapatnam or anywhere in the world is a surgical technique where hair is extracted from the donor area […]

The Catastrophe Caused by Hair Loss Today

If at all there is a way that anyone thinks of in the case of excessive hair loss is none other than a hair transplant. The terrible side of hair loss and baldness in men and women is planting severe damage today and we don’t know where it will all end. In the lead to […]

Overcoming Hair Problems

The techniques are advanced, safe and also practiced by well-trained surgeons. It is not that easy when one has any facial deformity or a problem because it paves way for ill treatment from the public and inferiority. It leads one to lose his or her self-esteem and at the end, the ability to perform his […]

Why You Need a Hair Restoration Procedure

Hair Restoration Procedures have become popular due to the awareness of the general public about them and the change they bring in people. The surgeries are safe and sound and apart from that, there are many other methods for hair restoration. Extreme hair loss automatically requires a hair restoration procedure to overcome the trouble it […]


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