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Can I Go For Multiple Cosmetic Treatments At Same Time?

Cosmetic procedures are becoming the preferred treatment for the people worldwide as having good looks and body shape is the prime concern for most of the people. There are the number of cosmetic procedures are being offered to people to resolve their aesthetic concerns but the common question that remains in the mind of the [...]


Eternal Youth: Everyone’s Dream

Whether 50 or 30, everyone wants to look younger than their age. You must be no different. Yes, everyone wants to look and feel young. So if you are spending sleepless nights due to crow’s feet and laugh lines, it’s time to knock the door of a Botox specialist. But first get your facts right. […]


Desire To Undergo Cosmetic Surgery? This is How To Select The Right Surgeon

Since cosmetic surgery is trendy these days, some patients may think that all surgeons are equally experienced and perhaps experts. However, it is extremely important to pay attention to the surgeon’s reputation, working experience, past results, and the clinic at large. Why Do You Need To Be Keen? The main reason for undergoing cosmetic surgery […]


Is Cosmetic Surgery Becoming a Necessity?

When you look at the current statistics of cosmetic surgery in India you will find that the practice is now part of the public. More and more people are heading in for liposuction, dermal fillers, Botox, breast reduction, lip enhancements, chemical peel treatments among others. Has anyone seen this? Surprisingly, the practice is now becoming […]


When can I attain Abdominoplasty?

We live in a world of smartness and in case you don’t match the standards, you may find yourself segregated from your peers. Abdominoplasty is one of the commonest cosmetic procedures that works by eliminating excess fat from the lower and middle part of the abdomen. Your cosmetic surgeon will lastly tighten the abdominal muscles […]


What are the various tips of Rhinoplasty Recovery?

Nose correction surgery in India is the plastic surgery method that is used for correcting and reconstructing of the nose by resolving the various issues like nasal trauma. Most of the patients go for the Rhinoplasty due to following reasons: to remove a bump narrow nostril width change the angle between the nose and the […]


What Are Various Methods Used For The Lip Augmentation?

Lip augmentation is the best cosmetic surgery in India. This is the non-surgical procedure that is used to alter the appearance of the lips. This involves the enlargement of the lips using the fillers. You can consult the best surgeon for the lip correction surgery in India. Lip augmentation is performed by using the following substances: […]


What is not to perform after the Face lift surgery?

FACE LIFT SURGERY: A face lift surgery is recommended to those persons who are having aging signs. In the scientific field, this procedure is known as Rhytidectomy. This method is suitable for reducing the signs of the aging on the neck and the face. This method is also used to reduce the deep creases beneath […]

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