It is the procedure done to correct the eye lid means the eyelid is reconstructed or repaired to reduce the aging signs or drooping eyelids. This correction of eyelid is called blepharoplasty. In this surgery fat and the excess of skin and tissue is removed.  This surgery is done to reduce bagging from the lower eyelid and even some time to improve the sight as sagging of upper eyelids get in the way of vision.


People with the good health and realistic expectations can go for this surgery. Generally patients of age 35 or more go for this surgery but if you have droopy or baggy eyelids in early age even then you can choose this surgery. Along with the physical fitness mental preparation of the candidate is must for the best results of surgery.


This surgical procedure is non invasive, since it is eyelid surgery so there is need to arrange another person to drive after surgery. Even the patient has to stay for night at hospital.

There is need to discuss about the medications with your surgeon beforehand if you are taking any and even medicines like blood thinners must be stopped , few days before the surgery. Drinking and smoking must be avoided before surgery as it can hamper the healing process.


To ensure the painless and comfortable surgery, surgeon will apply local anesthesia before starting the surgical procedure. However the surgery is planned according to the area treated but mainly during this surgery, skin is separated from the underlying tissue and excess fat and skin is removed. Then the small incisions are closed with the very small incisions.

If you are having the upper lid surgery, then stitches will stay for three to six days but no stitches require if you are having lower lid. Following types of procedures are included in the eyelid surgery.

Eyelid Surgery Surgeries

Upper Eyelid Surgery

This surgery is done for the old age people mostly as they can have the issue of hampered vision, and having difficulty in reading and writing.

Lower Eye Lid Surgery

This surgery is done to remove the bags below the eyelids and to correct the wrinkles around eyelids.

Double Eye Lid Surgery

For giving the appearance of double eye lid, this surgery is performed however it is done rarely.

Recovery & Cost

After the surgery patient will have stitches for at least week in both lids. Patient may experience mild swelling and bruising but eyelids get recover within 1-2 weeks.

Eyelid surgery cost can vary from person to person as per the requirements but VJ’s cosmetic and hair transplantation center offer this surgery at affordable cost with retained best quality.


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