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What is hair transplant?


What is a hair transplant surgery? Explain the Types and Process of hair transplantation?

Know What is a hair transplant and also briefly know Types and Process of hair transplantation. If you are struggling to get rid of hair fall, then you have to talk to a specialist as soon as possible.

Steps involved in the Hair transplant procedure


Wondering about the steps involved in hair transplant treatment?

Know What is Hair transplantation and its surgical treatment, here Dr. C. Vijay Kumar explained all the steps of Hair transplant Treatment including Tissue Expansion, Flap Surgery Scalp Reduction and More.

Hair Loss Vs Hair Shedding


What is the difference between hair loss and hair shedding problem?

In some cases, both problems occur at the same time. Your doctor will give an effective treatment plan as per your condition to prevent the issue.

Everything about hair transplant


Know How Subhash Sharma gets Successful Hair transplant

If you are still in doubt, then you must read this article carefully, because we are going to tell you a story of Subash Sharma hair transplant, who recently got hair transplantation.

A new study on hair transplantation


A Recent Study Reveals That Hair Transplantation Is One Of The Best Treatment Options For Hair Loss.

A recent study and new research revealed that Hair Transplant is one of the best ways to get rid of hair loss. Well, there are several types of hair fall such as male pattern baldness and female pattern baldness are too common in both genders.

Bad hair habits to kick Vizag


What are the bad hair habits you need to kick to keep your hair in good health?

Many people may not know why hair loss happens, well, this does not only occur due to hormonal changes and certain other problems, you may suffer from this, because of several poor lifestyle habits.

Indian men getting a hair transplant in their 20s


A recent study reveals that Indian men are undergoing hair transplants as early as in their 20s

For more detailed information about Hair Transplant, you can visit us once, so that our surgeons can guide you properly.

Occurrence Of Male Pattern Baldness Vizag


Are You Worry About The Occurrence Of The Male Pattern Baldness?

If the cause of hair loss is a non-genetic factor and the problem is temporary, then they are going to show the best outcomes by slowing down the hair fall problem or stop the hair loss completely.

Factors Affecting Hair Transplant Cost (2)


Different factors which affect the cost of hair transplant treatment

Find the factors affecting the cost of hair transplant treatment in Visakhapatnam and once you make your decision do visit for a consultation to understand the process and most importantly you should be comfortable with the surgeon.

Factoring affecting hair transplant cost


What are the factors which have an impact on the cost of hair transplant surgery?

In certain cases, when the individuals do not get the desired results from other alternatives options then they prefer hair transplant treatment to curb their problem and here we also share factors that impact the cost of hair transplant surgery in Vizag.

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